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Police attend riots at Richard Pusey’s home


Police have come to the home of Richard Pusey, the Porsche driver who filmed police officers in the moments after they were hit by a truck on the Eastern Freeway last year in a riot weeks after their release. from prison.

Pusey, 43, was released from the Ravenhall Correctional Center on August 25 after serving time for offending public decency and other offenses.

Richard Pusey is released from jail in August. Credit:Joe armao

Police officers came to his house on Wednesday night, after being called to the house around 7:50 pm “after receiving reports of shouting and loud music from the address.”

“Police have spoken with an occupant regarding the matter and the investigation is ongoing,” a police spokesman said.


Pusey gained infamy for filming the four dying officers in Kew after Mohinder Singh’s truck veered into the emergency lane on the freeway and collided with police and their stopped cars.

Lead Agent Lynette Taylor, Lead Agent Kevin King, and Agents Glen Humphris and Josh Prestney had pulled over Pusey for speeding in his Porsche on April 22 of last year.

They were talking about impounding their vehicle when they were hit by Singh’s truck.

Pusey filmed the cops with his mobile phone in their final moments. He was sentenced for violating public decency and other crimes derived from his driving and conduct on the highway.

Democrats’ policies are a gift to China


China’s leaders must be giving a high-five as they watch the American left push for policies that will cripple American competitiveness.

As China cracks down on students fooling around with video games, America’s racial equity warriors are trying to ban advanced placement math, competitive entrance exams, and school honor rolls. Americans don’t want their government to exercise power over how children spend time outside of school, but they also don’t want their children to be discouraged from pursuing excellence. It is a recipe for personal failure and national decline.

On the economic front, Congressional Democrats are trying to pass President Joe Biden’s tax plan, which would make America’s combined federal and state corporate tax burden the highest in the developed world, according to the Tax Foundation. This would motivate companies to relocate to other locations. That’s good news for China, which is committed to overtaking the US by 2035.

And China couldn’t be happier with the Green New Deal of the American left. It will deliver a lot of green money, that is, to China. Electric cars will depend on the batteries made, you guessed it, China. China controls access to more than 80% of the minerals used to make these batteries.

Polysilicon, the key ingredient in solar panels, is also sourced from China, reported Larry Kudlow of Fox Business News.

China is the world’s biggest polluter of carbon emissions. Biden’s climate envoy John Kerry spent two days in China last week spinning his wheels, begging China to stop building coal-fired power plants. Coal plants are key to China’s plan to outperform the US economy.

When Biden made his first speech at the joint session of Congress in April, he announced, “We are in a competition with China and other countries to win the 21st century,” and warned that China “is fast approaching.”

What is surprising is how many Democrats in Washington, DC seem oblivious to the damaging impact of their tax increases, education agenda, and domestic energy policies on the rivalry between the United States and China.

The US Senate passed a bipartisan bill in June that aims to address the threat from China by beefing up research and development funding and incentivizing domestic semiconductor manufacturing. The bill is stuck in the House. And even if it reaches the president’s desk, its benefit would be miniscule compared to the Democratic Party’s frontal attacks on educational merit, fossil fuels and economic growth. That bill is like a sip of water to someone being beaten to pulp. Democrats are tearing down America’s future economic potential.

Most Americans do not want their country to decline. They are especially outraged by the simplification of their children’s education. Oregon is eliminating the requirements that high school students take reading, writing and math tests to graduate. The reason is that minority students don’t do well.

In California, the educational establishment is trying to eliminate accelerated math through the eleventh grade, forcing gifted children to slow down for the sake of other students. As one California parent protested: “You don’t get up people by taking down other people.”

And it doesn’t win the global competition by narrowing down its pool of talented and highly educated people, a lesson China knows well. China tried to artificially impose equality during the Cultural Revolution of the 1960s and 1970s. University entrance exams were abolished and educational institutions became brainwashing factories for revolutionaries. The economy collapsed because an entire generation had not been taught anything and did not know how to do anything. In 1978, Deng Xiaoping changed course, re-establishing meritocracy in the educational system.

Fortunately, American parents are showing up at school board meetings outraged at government-imposed mediocrity, among other problems.

New York Times opinion writer Michelle Cottle tells us that it is “not a pretty sight” to see parents breaking into meetings. Incorrect. It’s a beautiful view. It is time for parents to regain control.

As for the growing threat from China, on August 31 Biden pointed to it as a justification for withdrawing from Afghanistan.

He promised to “shore up American competitiveness.”

The first step, Mr. President, is to get tough on the radical environmentalists who raise taxes in your own party and uphold high standards in schools.



Elie Mystal is back at The Brief to talk about Texas anti-abortion law and how we can fight it

The Nation’s Elie Mystal, this week in The Brief

September promises to be exhaustingly packed. In Congress, we have, well, all of this:


Democrats have a full to-do list, but conservative Democrats Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kirsten Synema of Arizona are restless and grumpy. What can Democrats really accomplish in a Senate where their margin of error is zero? Daily Kos senior writer Joan McCarter will be joining us for the first half of the show to talk about all of this.

Meanwhile, Texas just passed the most restrictive anti-abortion law in the country, and the Supreme Court allowed it to be enforced as the law works its way through the court system. For the second half of the program, Elie mystal will join us. He is the justice correspondent of The nation. and one of the most interesting and fun guests in the business. If only this topic was fun.

You can watch the show live on Tuesdays at 1:30 PM PT / 4:30 PM ET, but I find that it is not always the most convenient. So the podcast is a great alternative. It airs on Wednesday mornings at all the usual venues, including Apple podcasts and Spotify. A complete list of places to download the program is available here.

PGA Tour 2K21 tops September’s Humble Choice package


This month’s PC game collection from Humble choice They have arrived, and September features some important additions to your library. The well-regarded triple A golf game PGA Tour 2K21 takes the marquee position, but some solid indie roguelike games and adventure / puzzle games are also included.

The PGA Tour 2K21 caused a sensation when it was announced last year, as it was the first video game to use the official PGA Tour license in five years. Since its launch in August, it has garnered ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam, and gamers are delighted to find a nuanced, usable mouse-based control scheme for the swing.

If you’re feeling more eager for the dungeons, you can try the brilliant roguelike platformer Neon Abyss, the skull-headed cowboy shootout from West of Dead (voiced by Hellboy actor Ron Perlman), or the turn-based tactical action of Fort Triumph. Swag and Sorcery, from the developers of Punch Club and Graveyard Shift, puts you in charge of an adventure company, and you’ll be overseeing groups of heroes instead of heading to dungeons yourself. Atomicrops combines the action of a roguelike combat with an insane twist in Stardew Valley, so make sure your hoe blade stays sharp.

Rounding out things for September are the 80s alternative FMV game Not For Broadcast, the enchanting Scandinavian adventure game Roki, the VHS-style combat platformer Narita Boy, the archaeological adventure game Heaven’s Vault, the authoritarian simulator Orwell: Ignorance is Strength and The Framed Collection black puzzle games.

Grab the package

You can always browse our list of our favorite free PC games if you’re looking to save even more money as we head into big-release season.

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French engineering, deadly viruses and a great mystery


“The scientific collaboration in virology is gone,” said a foreign researcher who has worked for years with WIV and who spoke on condition of anonymity due to the hostile political climate. “Now, the Chinese will not welcome foreigners because their opinion is that you are entering to dig dirt.”

This account of WIV’s 65-year history, its coronavirus research, and its P4 laboratory is based on interviews with visiting scientists, laboratory audit reports, satellite images, archival records, and other documentation. WIV did not respond to requests for comment.

‘Best of the best’

The P4 lab is located along an eight-lane highway on the industrial outskirts of southern Wuhan, where factories give way to low mountains and farmland. The laboratory’s facilities cover approximately two soccer fields, on a 12 times larger field, according to a June 2018 environmental safety audit report.

The building’s stark gray lines are softened by the trees: From 2005 to 2015, when the lab was under construction, scientists would drive out on Arbor Day to add a few more trees to the perimeter.

Based on the French P4 laboratory in Lyon, the building has four floors: waste management at the bottom; experimental laboratories and animal rooms on the main floor; and in the first two, devices to guarantee a safe air flow, says the report.

Visitors called it avant-garde, in contrast to other aging WIV buildings, where scientists wore coats indoors in winter due to poor heating.

The lab had “the newest technology, a huge complex,” recalled Boris Klempa, a researcher from the Slovak Academy of Sciences who visited in 2017.

Suspicious for their role in the pandemic: The Wuhan Institute of Virology.Credit:AP

Not everything was meant for the public’s eyes. When a reporter asked him in 2018 what kind of virus they kept for the state Guangzhou Daily, the deputy director of the P4 laboratory, Song Donglin, responded that “the disclosure of this type of information must be controlled.”

WIV management has reminded staff for years of state secrets requirements and to beware of foreign spies.

Jean-Pierre de Cavel, a French expert who conducted security training at WIV in 2010, said Chinese researchers hoped to use the new lab to study highly infectious diseases such as Ebola, Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever and smallpox.

“Their expectations were to have a powerful tool, to have a P4, like any other large country,” he said. “They wanted to have the best of the best.”

However, the new P4 lab was not being used to investigate coronaviruses, which are classified at lower security levels.

A virus file

At a scientific conference in Barcelona in 1986, Danish researcher Ole Skovmand met a lanky Chinese scientist in his 20s. His name was Yuan Zhiming and he was studying how to kill malaria-carrying mosquitoes with the bacteria Bacillus sphaericus.


Skovmand, 73, recalls that Yuan’s research at the time was not cutting edge. But Skovmand was impressed enough to help Yuan get scholarships in France and Denmark. In Denmark, Yuan worked as a cook in a Chinese restaurant and played table tennis with Skovmand’s son, Skovmand said.

Yuan was outgoing and talkative, recalls Christina Nielsen-LeRoux, research director at the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, who met him in Europe two decades ago. Later, Yuan would recall his time in Europe and sometimes complain about having to give up his research to focus on building the P4 lab, Nielsen-LeRoux said.

“He said, ‘I miss that day we spent together. It was one of the best things in my life, ‘”he said.

WIV was starting to catch up then, after tumultuous origins.

Founded in 1956 as a branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), WIV’s initial work focused on agricultural pests, a serious concern during the famine that began in 1959. During the Cultural Revolution of 1966 to 1976, its investigation was discontinued. since 229 CAS scientists died in the political purges, according to official figures.

After Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping officially welcomed scientific research again in 1978, Beijing directed WIV to build the nation’s first virus archive, with 400 collected over a decade, according to an official story. In 1985, WIV helped establish China’s first mechanized pesticide factory.

Revolutionary discovery

WIV set its sights higher in 2003, with the SARS outbreak. Chen Zhu, the top CAS official for life sciences and soon to be China’s health minister, asked WIV to build a P4 laboratory, according to people familiar with the project.

Yuan accompanied Chen to France to persuade French experts to take over the construction. President Hu Jintao flew to Paris in January 2004 to seal the deal.

“Yuan Zhiming really wanted the P4 lab,” said Gabriel Gras, a French biosafety expert who helped oversee the construction of the lab. “It is the project of his life.”

While the WIV had the support of Beijing for the P4 laboratory, it also fought against bureaucracy. When SARS took hold, WIV had so much trouble accessing the official investigation of the new virus that Director Hu Zhihong ended up “stealing” a sample from a morgue, according to a 2006 article in the state. China Youth Daily.

Around this time, another fateful figure emerged in WIV history. Yuan’s colleague, Shi Zhengli, was beginning to search bat caves for the origin of SARS.

Shi was a year younger than Yuan and had also studied in France, specializing in aquatic viruses. Now he turned to bats, in collaboration with a prominent Singapore-based virologist, Linfa Wang. In 2004, his team collected samples from 408 bats in China.

It was hard work. Shi and his colleagues crawled upside down through narrow caves, he recounted in a speech in June 2018. They caught bats with nets, released most after taking samples, and occasionally brought some bats to the lab.

Shi Zhengli is a Chinese scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Shi Zhengli is a Chinese scientist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Seven years after his search, Shi discovered a close relative of SARS in 2011 in a cave in the subtropical Yunnan province. Her team’s article, published in 2013, launched her to national fame and earned the nickname “Bat Woman.”

In 2014, at age 50, Shi received a national grant of $ 58 million ($ 78 million) to continue studying coronaviruses in southern China. Three years later, his team announced that they had found all the genetic pieces of the SARS virus in bats in a Yunnan cave, essentially proving the origin of the disease.

Meanwhile, Yuan’s 13-year effort was finally paying off, and the P4 lab gave the green light in 2017 to start operating. The $ 42 million lab was not for everyday experiments. Only a handful of the 300 scientists at WIV had been trained to use it, including Shi, the deputy director.

‘The situation worries me’

Shi entered the international spotlight on January 23, 2020, the same day that Chinese authorities sealed Wuhan to contain a new disease. In a pre-printed document, his team announced that they had found a virus 96.2 percent identical to the new coronavirus.


Shi originally feared that the virus could come from his laboratory, as he said. American scientist. But she has since become adamant that WIV never crossed paths with the virus, saying she checked lab records and all employees tested negative for SARS-CoV-2 antibodies.

Shi supporters say that had there been a cover-up of the lab, it is unlikely that the staff would have prevented the secret from leaking, especially with the court-wide press by US intelligence agencies. The US intelligence report given to President Joe Biden last month said that the coronavirus was not a biological weapon and that the Chinese authorities did not know about the virus beforehand.

Yuan and Shi have withdrawn from the world amid the controversy. The “comprehensive news” section of the WIV website once highlighted international collaborations, but it has been reduced to politically correct posts about researchers studying the speeches of Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

Nielsen-LeRoux said it last heard from Yuan in March 2020, towards the end of the Wuhan shutdown.

“We had a hard time fighting the infection in Wuhan,” Yuan wrote in an email.

“The virus is spreading in your country, and more people have been infected in the last few days, and the situation worries me a lot. I am sure that we will finally be able to stop the spread of the virus with our joint efforts, and our lives will return to normal soon.

The Washington Post

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to PC, Xbox and PlayStation this fall

A man stands in front of the camera and shines a flashlight on the viewer.  Behind him, darkness and mist invade him as he wields a revolver in his right hand.

Image: Remedy games

Today, it was announced that Epic Games will release a remaster of the 2010 Xbox cult classic. Alan Wake later this fall on PC, Xbox and PlayStation. The company had previously announced a deal with Remedy Games, the development studio behind the hit third-person shooter Control, established by the bureaucracy, to publish two of its projects. The first was a “AAA multiplatform release”, the other a smaller game set in the same universe, which many now assume to be the Alan Wake remastering.

For those of you who are not familiar with Alan Wake, the game absolutely whips. Follow the story of the headline Alan Wake, a Stephen King-style horror writer, as he faces nightmares in the Pacific Northwest. While its lantern-based combat was a bit clunky at times, the game was deeply committed to the sense of place and the mystery it created. Its narrative played a lot with fiction, perspective, and the power of language, and is now widely considered a classic of the Xbox 360 generation.

I was a kid when the game was first released, and it was one of my first “Oh shit, can games be like this?” experiences. The way he engaged with both his own text and the genre conventions he was toying with was nothing short of groundbreaking at the time. In fact, I liked the game so much that one day while I was at Barnes & Noble, I saw a copy of the game’s novelization and bought it. That novelization was good! But the fact that there is a novelization of a game about a novelist writing and engaging with his own novels in the first place is a fun gift to me.

I would say it is weird and cool things like the one that makes Remedy Games so good at making classics. Both Alan Wake and Control have passed into the canons of their respective generations, and that’s due in large part to Remedy Games’ mastery of producing a sense of place. These are games that thrive on the details of their setup, Alan Wake’s rationale, brutalist text, and Control screen filling. There is no mainstream developer better at creating dream worlds than Remedy Games.

This mastery is the reason why I’m excited for Alan Wake to get a remastering. Typically, new coats of paint don’t do much for games they’re hastily applied to. You get quality of life improvements here or there, maybe a better view or two, but most of the time the game doesn’t benefit from the years of future technology that have been developed since then, because it wasn’t built with that technology. . in mind.

Alan Wake feels like a different story. Its scope exceeded its scope, that is, it was strange and ambitious and somewhat broken after liberation. That rarity cemented it as a cult classic, but the technical limitations of the time definitely put a damper on the game. I’m legitimately excited to see what it looks like with ray tracing, especially since light was the game’s defining mechanic. To defeat an enemy in Alan Wake, you had to shine your flashlight on him until his armor, made of materialized night, was burned.

I can already see it, lines of light cutting through the trees too tall and too close, trailing their fingers across the black liminal. Trying to carve the darkness out of dreams, and never managing to stop it.


How can we compensate our children for lost joy?


“Now I’m going to put the essay message on the screen,” I hear the teacher say, “if any of you have technical problems this morning, ask Mom or Dad to send a note.”

I think of the children of large families who do not have space, not even a desk of their own, limited devices, mothers and fathers without English. I think of nervous teachers homeschooling their own children while remotely educating others.

I suspect my daughter’s generation will have a new genre of archetypal nightmare. The bedroom exam. Virtual graduation. The screen freezes at crucial moments – now there is a metaphor for the COVID assault on the lives of young people.

For my part, I chatter – uselessly – about how “complex” his VCE texts are; how intertextual and postmodern. Students are told that they must understand “metalanguage.” It is often observed that VCE texts prescribed by Victoria make limited concessions to lightness, or even antiquity.

In general, the themes are sadly contemporary: institutional racism, Islamic fundamentalism, even a pandemic. The science fiction novel Station Eleven It is such a devastating pandemic that civilization collapses, which at least puts our current nightmare in perspective. And it’s actually one of the lightest texts on offer.

In July, New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard said vaccine supplies were so low that people were “chasing” blows as characters in The Hunger Games, depicting a dystopia in which contestants must compete in a televised fight to the death.

New South Wales Health Minister Brad Hazzard compared people “chasing” vaccines to the plot of The Hunger Games.

After what seemed like an eternity of Scott Morrison announcing the imminent arrival of more Pfizers (the boxes apparently always on the next ship), the youngsters can finally secure a place in the vaccine queue.

But we are still not clear The Hunger Games, certainly not in Victoria. The week before last, the Andrews government announced that 450,000 first-dose Pfizer vaccines would be available to youth ages 16-39 at state vaccination centers. The day reservations were opened, I was online at 7am, desperate to fix my daughter’s problem. No chance: the website was receiving 50,000 visits per minute.

I tried the phone number. And again. A voice recording told me that the line was congested due to the large number of calls. Turns out I was one of 1.3 million people trying to get through.

After three days of swapping centers and almost a full day of queuing, we got lucky at a local community center.

This week, the state government opened a vaccination hotline

This week, the state government opened a “priority” vaccination hotline for Year 12 pupils and teachers.Credit:Luis Ascui

This week, the state government opened a “priority” vaccination hotline for Year 12 students and teachers, who are told they should get a stick by October 5, when students will take the General Achievement Test. , whose purpose and function is, of course, opaque. and puzzling. Naturally, the line got stuck in the first half hour.

It is also not surprising that some schools are using a parent network to secure priority reservations. We have become largely insensitive to the neoliberal “me first” mentality.

If there is indeed enough Pfizer for all Year 12s, why can’t the authorities distribute the doses in schools in an orderly and equitable manner?

We could ask ourselves more generally: when will young people come to the front of the policy queue?

Deep chapters in the lives of our young people are closed without ceremony.

Deep chapters in the lives of our young people are closed without ceremony.Credit:iStock

Our children and youth are living a simulation of a life, in which deep chapters are closed without ceremony.

Last year I foolishly assured my daughter that she would be a normal 12 year old, “one of the best years of your life,” I said, memories flooding me. A barbecue at the Yarra, a rock concert on the green, study sessions at a friend’s house where we laugh more madly than we study, and the horrible and humiliating moments that now seem vivid with shock.

Undoubtedly, the 12th year of last year dared to anticipate the first year of college, the first of the “best years” of life. Instead, thousands of students will complete their degrees without even setting foot on campus.


The calamity has largely been out of the control of our leaders, so while I have been skeptical of the case for general school closures at various points in this pandemic, I am not going to rehearse those arguments or pester the Andrews government to that reveals its consequences. plans for the term 4.

But I want our leaders to see themselves in loco parentis. I want you to start thinking big, really big, about how, if the normal future of COVID comes along, we could make up for our youth for lost time and opportunities, for sacrificed joy.

Julie Szego is a regular columnist.

Best M82 equipment in Warzone Season 5

Looking for the best M82 equipment in Warzone? This heavy hitting semi-auto sniper rifle dates back to the Barret .50 from the original Modern Warfare trilogy and is a lot of fun in Warzone. It fills a completely unique niche in the sniper rifle class, splitting the difference in bullet speed between extreme range kings like the ZRG and faster-handling weapons like the Swiss K31.

However, the M82 is semi-automatic as well, making it a bit more forgiving than either of these alternatives. With single-shot potential and quick follow-ups of missed headshots, the M82 is perhaps the most underrated sniper rifle in Warzone. If you want to try it and see it for yourself, this guide will give you all the knowledge you need to acquire Verdansk.

Is Labor Day going to inflict the next wave of viruses on America due to the selfishness and ignorance of the unvaccinated and unmasked? Are innocent people and the recovering economy going to suffer unnecessarily because the Republican Party is waging a war to end the pandemic? The definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” When the holidays come, the adults act like little children who can’t wait to go out and play. It’s a pandemic, so delay the gratification of getting on a plane to run to Disneyland. Maga enthusiasts must grow up, embrace science, and care about others!

Labor Day weekend sparks fears of new coronavirus outbreaks

On July 4, President Biden announced that vaccinated people did not have to wear masks outdoors or indoors. There was a two-week window of time in July where we felt like we beat the virus. The Biden Administration had announced that approximately $ 166 million Americans received at least one vaccine injection and the number of new infections, hospitalizations and deaths dropped significantly. President Biden proclaimed that the July 4 holiday would be the beginning of a return to normal life, yet he urged that we should remain vigilant to vaccinate more Americans and follow protection protocols, but thankfully at a less restrictive level.

However, large numbers of Americans gathered on July 4 without using sensible judgment about the size and random nature of the way large outdoor gatherings were organized. Small indoor gatherings also proved to cause the virus to spread, as many Americans, eager to get back to normal, rejected the continued use of COVID testing, wearing masks, and social distancing. In a CNN news report on July 28, 2021, Biden was reported to have said;

“We have a pandemic due to the a Vdefendants and they are sowing enormous confusion, “said Biden. “If those other 100 million people were vaccinated, we would be in a very different world.”

In the early summer of this year, the vaccination rate slowed as Republican conspiracy theorists, red state governors, and opportunistic MAGA members of Congress stepped up their politically motivated campaign against science, masking, masks and vaccines mandates. The Republican pronouncement that COVID protection mandates infringe constitutionally protected personal freedoms is a lie and is causing MAGA Americans, especially those in the red states, to rebel against sensible, scientifically-based protection against become infected with COVID and spread it without knowing it. Republicans are showing that they believe that sacrificing the health of Americans and damaging the economy is a worthwhile strategy to regain political power. The term for this pattern of thinking and behavior is ” sociopathy “. Sociopaths lack empathy, are self-absorbed, and lie and manipulate people and situations in dangerous ways to fulfill their personal agendas. Sociopaths will not protect democracy, they will destroy it.

Biden is not responsible for the resurgence of viral infection and hospitalization statistics. He did not cause the Delta variant. Rather, the emergence of variants of the COVID-19 virus occurs due to low vaccination rates. The spread of infection is directly related to the millions of people who refuse to be vaccinated and become infected and unknowingly spread the disease throughout the population. The President continues to encourage all Americans to get vaccinated, supports schools and businesses in implementing mask mandates, provides incentives for people to get vaccinated, and regularly provides the public with up-to-date information on the pandemic and related science. vaccines. , innovative infections and protection protocols.

President Biden is experiencing opposition to his presidency never seen before by a former president. His predecessor of a mandate, twice accused, has described his electoral victory as stolen and fraudulent. The former boy has started an anti-democratic movement based on calling the results of the 2020 elections a “big lie.” He has incited millions of Americans to believe that he is still the legitimate president of the United States, while also trying to steal the election by calling on state election officials and pressuring them to find votes to turn the results in his favor. The Georgia case has recorded evidence that Trump and Sen. Lindsey Graham made calls to Governor Abbott and others to try to fraudulently change the election results. What is being revealed to anyone who is paying attention is the courts, and accounts have shown that Biden beat Trump fairly and defensively.

The waves and variations will continue until Trump’s disciples, a la Jim Jones, realize he is a liar and rely on his adoration of the adolescent ego to fulfill their goal of transforming America into an autocratic country that only he controls. His opposition to an aggressive approach to controlling the pandemic is sabotaging the progress the Biden Administration made earlier this year. Post-Labor Day infection rates will once again reflect Republican efforts that, for selfish reasons, are infecting and killing emotionally vulnerable Americans.

Poland’s border migration crisis pays political dividends for the government – POLITICO

WARSAW – The imposition of a state of emergency by the Polish government on the border with Belarus on Monday became a political flash point, with the opposition accused of trying to prevent the media from reporting on how troops and border guards respond to migrants trying to cross the border. border.

The government says the state of emergency, the first such measure since the communist regime’s martial law decree in 1981, is necessary to detain migrants, mainly from Iraq and Afghanistan, who enter illegally from Belarus. Despite not having a solid majority in parliament, the government gained the backing of a majority of MPs after a stormy debate, with 168 MPs voting to rescind the measure while 247 Backed government.

Although the legal reasons for the decree only mention migrants, whom Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko encourages to cross the border, the government also says there is a danger from the Zapad joint military exercises being carried out by Russia and Belarus from Friday.

“We can clearly see that in Moscow and Minsk scenarios have been written that threaten the sovereignty and security of the Polish state,” said Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party. said in parliament.

Although Zapad exercises have been conducted regularly in the past (in 2009 they even simulated a nuclear attack in Warsaw), the government says this year’s exercises are more concerning.

“The threat level right now may be the highest since the collapse of the Soviet Union,” said Paweł Soloch, head of the president’s national security office. “We see a correlation between the migration crisis and the Zapad exercises.”

Lukashenko is being accused of encouraging migrants, brought to Minsk from the Middle East, to cross into the EU in retaliation for sanctions imposed after last year’s controversial presidential elections and the subsequent brutal crackdown on protests. Belarus has denied these allegations. Migrants have been intercepted in Latvia, Lithuania and Poland, and all three countries have imposed special measures to control the problem.

“Our services have identified 46 planes from Baghdad to Minsk … that’s around 10,000 Iraqi residents,” Polish Interior Minister Mariusz Kamiński said, calling for preventive measures to avoid a “major migration crisis.” Some 3,500 people they tried to cross Poland’s 418-kilometer border with Belarus last month.

Two narratives

The opposition accused the government of turning the border problem into an existential crisis for political gain.

“There is no justification for the state of emergency on the basis of constitutional conditions,” argued Tomasz Siemoniak, a former defense minister and deputy for the opposition Civic Platform party.

Although the government is sounding the alarm at home, it is not doing the same abroad. It has not asked for help from Frontex, the EU’s border agency, which is based in Warsaw. Frontex has been helping Lithuania cope with its border problems since the end of July, where Poland has also provided helicopters and patrols.

Kamiński said that the opposition’s suggestion to get EU aid was “an expression of [its] incompetence.”

Polish Border Guard spokeswoman Anna Michalska said: “If we need help from Frontex, we will certainly ask for it.”

“Poland has no shortage of personnel and is well equipped to defend its border on its own,” said Marek Świerczyński, head of the security bureau at Polityka Insight, a think tank in Warsaw. “But sadly, there could also be a political reason: the Polish government may not want the European institutions to monitor it.”

Media repression

The border crisis is the most important story in Poland, one that attracted human rights groups, opposition parliamentarians and subjected the Polish government to intensive scrutiny on how people are treated and criticism from European organizations and activists for their refusal to accept asylum applications from many migrants. . Last month, the European Court of Human Rights told Poland to provide aid to migrants at the border.

Siemoniak called the restrictions on media activity in the 3-kilometer-wide border zone “unprecedented and absurd.”

But banning outsiders from the area means there will be less chance of any “provocative” activity by foreign agents, and that could alleviate some of the pressure from the military and police operating in the area. “They don’t need to look around and can concentrate on looking east,” Świerczyński said.

While human rights groups call for help for people trapped at the border, many Poles have qualms about opening the country to large numbers of outsiders.

Donald Tusk, the leader of the Civic Platform, has been quite careful in the way he deals with the issue, criticizing the government for not helping 32 migrants trapped on the Belarusian-Polish border, but also saying, “We have to guarantee the security of our borders.”

The border crisis has diverted attention from PiS’s recent streak of political troubles and has helped boost support for the nationalist party in recent opinion polls.