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  • May 11, 2021

Wings over Scotland | Trans greens are green

Racist and misogynistic midget Patrick Harvie is furious this week, which is always nice.

It seems he really doesn’t like it.

Because the reason for his anger is that he feels the Scottish Greens were denied two additional seats in last week’s election due to confusion over a party called the Independent Green Voice. The party, which was registered 18 years ago, is a vehicle for disgusting Holocaust denier and former UKIP member Alistair “Manky Shirt” McConnachie, and it attracted a few thousand votes in elections that, if they had gone to the Scottish Greens , they would have probably won them the extra seats.

(As one reader pointed out, Scottish newspapers are probably secretly distraught that McConnachie was not elected, denying them the opportunity to run some excellent “Manky Goes To Holyrood” headlines.)

No one knows how many people confused the two parties with each other and how many people actually voted for McConnachie’s party in full knowledge of what they were doing – it has 26,000 followers on Twitter, so it seems at least plausible that a few thousand of them could. having voted for him entirely on purpose. Nor can that matter be established, so the whole story is inherently hollow.

(Even if it were possible to interview all of the IGV voters, which it is not, how many people would want to admit that they are too stupid to read? three words on a ballot correctly before casting your vote? The Scottish Family Party shares two-thirds of its name with the SNP, but no one says there is confusion there.)

The Greens of Scotland have had 18 years to oppose the Election Commission over the name of IGV, but they had not done so before. The two additional seats would not have made any kind of difference in Holyrood’s electoral balance, either, only in the party coffers.

But more to the point, if Mr. McConnachie’s party identifies as green, surely must therefore to be one? After all, that’s the Scottish Greens mantra. As such, he is as entitled to the votes of Scottish Green supporters as what we might call the biological Scottish greens.

You can’t have it both ways, Pat. Suck it

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