• June 11, 2021

MoveOn Launches Six-Figure Campaign To Demand Congress To End Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks And Use Reconciliation To Swiftly Pass America’s Jobs And Families Plan

The “Bold Recovery Now” campaign will attract up to 10 million voters and target key senators through print and digital ads, lobbying days, and phone and text banking.

Washington dc – MoveOn, one of the largest independent progressive advocacy groups in the United States, today launched a new six-figure “Bold Recovery Now” campaign to demand that Congress end bipartisan talks on infrastructure and move to pass de Immediate the American Employment Plan and the American Families Plan through Reconciliation. The campaign comes on the heels of weeks of obstruction of a significant recovery package by Republicans and calls on the Biden administration to move forward in implementing the change that more than 81 million Americans voted to support.

The campaign will start with a full page print advertisement in POLITICO, a digital advertising purchase targeting senators involved in the negotiations to date, calling for obstructionist Republican senators for re-election, and an intensive online and offline grassroots effort to reach up to 10 million voters in the United States. key states. Throughout the campaign, MoveOn supporters will meet and lobby members of Congress, make calls and email Senate offices, and organize their communities and host text and phone banks.

“We have waited long enough. Now is the time for action. Republicans are more interested in obstructing and delaying Biden’s agenda than in solving today’s problems. Mitch McConnell said it himself. ” said Rahna Epting, CEO of MoveOn. “The idea that Republican senators will support something close to what is needed right now is just not realistic. Neither those who need this help nor the Democrats in Congress have another minute to lose with the Republican obstruction. “

Passing the The American Jobs Plan and the American Families Plan isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s what the American people want. Majorities of Voters in Ten Key States support for the administration’s agenda to rebuild better.

“The most recent alleged ‘agreement’ reached by 10 bipartisan senators is totally insufficient to satisfy the urgency of this moment. The members of MoveOn will not rest until Congress passes the American Employment Plan and the American Families Plan, in all their scope and ambition, ”he said. Mohammad Khan, MoveOn campaign manager. “We cannot return to the economy as it was before. Our Build Back Bold Mobilizers are ready to organize in their communities to fight for investments that will put people first and ultimately address the stark inequalities that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated. ”

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