• June 25, 2021

Americans rank last among 46 countries that trust the media

A new survey from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism in Oxford shows that Americans rank last out of 46 countries in the level of trust they have in the media.

“The United States ranks last in confidence in the media, with 29%, among 92,000 consumers of news surveyed in 46 countries,” Poynter. reports.

This should come as no surprise, given the state of our media, which acts as a propaganda wing.

That percentage falls significantly below the average for the other countries, which stands at 44% according to the survey, and well below Finland, which ranks first with 65% of its citizens trusting the media.

The United States also ranks fairly low with just 13% indicating they trust social media for their news.

The survey indicates that the media, both print and television, have been devastated by the disappearance of the “Trump coup.”

“Online traffic to the New York Times and the Washington Post in February 2021 fell dramatically,” the study finds, while “in mid-March, CNN and MSNBC lost 45% and 26% of their primetime audience. , respectively “.

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Americans don’t trust the mainstream media

Digging a little deeper into the numbers demonstrates some key factors that explain why Americans mistrust their media.

First, the obvious bias of the liberal media is reflected in the numbers.

“In the US, 75% of those on the right think they are covered unfairly, compared to 16% who think they are covered fairly,” the report reads.

On the contrary, “more people on the left think that their political opinions are covered fairly and not unfairly (51% vs. 34%).”

And why wouldn’t they think that? Their views are reflected on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS News, NBC News, C-Span, and every major newspaper in the United States.

Another fact that stands out: although the media has presented the United States as fundamentally racist and unfair to minorities, there is this:

This year’s report “exposes worrying inequalities in both consumption and trust, and young people, women, people from ethnic minorities and political supporters often feel less represented by the media.”

“These findings will give greater urgency to those who advocate for more diverse and inclusive newsrooms,” the survey concludes.

It turns out that newsrooms that continually criticize the ‘white supremacy’ angle might want to start looking inward.

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Without honesty, without ethics

The Media Confidence Survey is not the first to indicate that the field of journalism in the United States is dying a painful death.

TO Gallup poll last December he asked Americans to rank the honesty and ethics of different professions, quickly putting journalists last with car salesmen.

That seems like an insult to car salesmen, who are true sources of honesty and ethical behavior compared to, say, MSNBC.

Media bias was also notably present in the Gallup poll. It showed that only 5 percent of Republicans rate journalists’ ethics and honesty highly, while nearly half, 48 percent of Democrats, give them high marks.

And why would there be trust when the mainstream media is clearly a corrupt and biased institution?

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A member of the New York Times editorial board recently criticized Trump supporters for the sin of waving “dozens of American flags.”

The revolving door of experts joining the Biden White House is spiraling out of control, the most recent example involving Thomas Nides, husband of CNN’s senior vice president of news gathering Virginia Moseley, being nominated as an ambassador to Israel.

CNN has also been involved in numerous embarrassing headlines as of late, including viewership ratings and its main media critic has been utterly destroyed by popular podcast host Joe Rogan.

CNN reporter Jim Acosta recently admitted that journalists suffer from “post-Trump stress disorder.”

This survey seems to indicate that they are also being hit with “post-confidence” issues here in America.

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