• June 25, 2021

Fondly remembered Former Rep. Mike McLachlan

Former Rep. Mike McLachlan (D).

The Denver Post Saja Hindi reports on Wednesday from the former Democratic Rep. Mike McLachlan de Durango, whose service in the Colorado House was cut short in 2014 by a narrow ping-pong loss to the far-right representative. J. Paul Brown in tightly divided HD-59, after which Mike McLachlan was successfully succeeded in 2016 by his spouse, the currently serving representative. Barbara McLachlan:

The attorney, married to current Democratic Representative Barbara McLachlan, served as a state representative for a period from 2013 to 2014 before losing in a close race to Republican Rep. J. Paul Brown, whom Mike McLachlan had ousted in previous elections. .

McLachlan is survived by his wife and two children, Brian and Kate.

McLachlan was appointed attorney general in 1999 and is known for his victory before the US Supreme Court in 2000 in Hill v. Colorado, in which he argued that a person’s free speech rights were not violated by a state law that did not allow protests. or distribution of literature within 8 feet of someone entering a health care facility such as an abortion clinic.

A declaration of Colorado House Democrats:

“Mike was the smartest, funniest, kindest and most loving person I’ll ever meet,” said Rep. Barbara McLachlan, D-Durango. “He spent his life serving, helping and advocating, and he has been a true role model for me, our family and our community. I’ll miss him a lot.”

“Mike was a great friend, a dedicated public servant, and a man of immeasurable talent who served his country as a Vietnam veteran, as a Colorado attorney general, and as a state representative,” said House Speaker Alec Garnett, Democrat. from Denver. “He stood up for his community and his Colorado peers at all times, reaching up to the United States Supreme Court to defend what he knew to be right. My heart and thoughts go out to my dear friend and colleague Barbara, who has been working tirelessly for over a year to care for Mike and serve her district, and her children Kate and Brian. “

And the governor. Jared Polis:

“Mike McLachlan was a public servant. From his service during the Vietnam War to his time as Attorney General and State Representative, Mike always stood up for what was right, even if that was the hardest thing to do. His military service, professional work, and extensive commitment to volunteering in his southwestern Colorado community made our state better and will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to Barbara, her children Brian and Kate, and their entire family. “

Memorial Service Information It can be found here. Adding our condolences.

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