• June 26, 2021

British health minister resigns after violating his own COVID rules

Hancock’s departure and the arrival of the respected Javid will offer Johnson the opportunity to reset the portfolio of health problems as the UK wears off the worst of the pandemic.

The affair had sparked widespread anger in Britain and prompted some Conservative Party MPs to demand Hancock’s resignation.


Longtime Conservative MP Sir Christopher Chope told BBC radio that his constituents were furious.

“They felt that he was violating the ministerial code; that he violated the rules of confinement; that he is the person who has been passing laws, signing regulations, requiring people to comply with restrictions on their freedom, many of which people do not agree with, but which they have complied with, out of respect for the rule of law. the law, ”explained Chope.

“And they are absolutely furious now, that having made sacrifices themselves, including not seeing their loved ones and everything else, they find that the person who was in charge of all this feels free to not abide by their own regulations.”

Hancock, 42, was already under pressure from the high death toll in the UK, questions about NHS contracts and the revelations that Johnson had called him “totally desperate” last year in a WhatsApp message sent to senior officials.

Matt Hancock will sit on the back bench after resigning from the cabinet.Credit:Getty

Johnson’s former senior adviser Dominic Cummings had also accused Hancock of spoiling the government’s response to the pandemic. Cummings told politicians last month that Hancock “should have been fired” for alleged lies and mistakes.

Cummings himself was charged with breaking the rules when drove 400 kilometers through England to her parents’ home during the close of spring 2020.

Johnson on Saturday lauded Hancock with praise, saying the minister had been asked to tackle “a greater challenge than any of his predecessors faces.”

He also kept Hancock’s door open to eventually return to the front bench.

In his resignation letter, Hancock said: “The last thing I want is for my private life to distract from the determined focus that is pulling us out of this crisis.

“I want to reiterate my apology for breaking the guide and apologize to my family and loved ones for putting you through this. I also need to be with my family at this time.

“We owe it to the people who have sacrificed so much in this pandemic to be honest when we have let them down, as I did by violating the guide.”

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