• June 27, 2021

Captain Malaprop, Tuskegee Airhead – RedState

POTUS Biden, aka Captain Malaprop, shot down another English attempt. This time, he blew up his statement of reluctance to the Covid vaccine. Biden said:

“[It’s] In the beginning, it was more difficult to become African American, because it used to be that they experimented with them … the Tuskegee Airmen and others. “

Signal staff: … “oh my …”

Remember Biden’s cute years as Obama’s squadmate? He said stupid things every other day, but because the vice presidency is designed to be a “hot bucket of spit,” the reaction was, “Oh, that’s Joe being Joe. Its not cute? “

Now the former vice president is president, and he’s missing half a cantaloupe for a fruit salad … and Harris is his partner. Sorry, Wing-birthingperson. When you criticize your own message with silly mistakes, people remember their mistakes, not the message.

I suppose he knew the difference between the Tuskegee Redtail heroes of World War II and the black men subjected to the Tuskegee Experiment of unspeakable decades (Tuskegee Syphilis Study). But, maybe I’m asking too much.


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