• June 28, 2021

Demand investigation into nursing home deaths under Polis supervision

Colorado Republican Party Chair Kristi Burton Brown has called for a bipartisan investigation into the Polis administration’s dismal response to nursing homes vulnerable to COVID-19. Such as cases reached record levels.

An alarming report from Colorado Public Radio reveals that the Polis administration failed to adequately screen and protect nursing home patients at their most critical time.

“The apparent negligence and incompetence displayed by the senior members of this administration is tragic and will likely cost lives in nursing homes throughout our state,” Brown said.

“These families and loved ones of those we have lost deserve the truth,” Brown said.

The state had the worst nursing home bed death rate in the country during the height of the Colorado pandemic between Thanksgiving and Christmas, double the national average, the report found.

Equally worrisome has been the governor’s refusal to publicly address the tragedy or take responsibility.

Read more about the report here.

This epic failure indeed demands an investigation, and one that holds everyone involved accountable and accountable.

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