• January 21, 2022

Donald Trump’s appearance at a rally in Ohio yesterday was an embarrassing and pathetic display of a former president’s mental decline. He voiced his tiresome and repetitive grievances and spread the same old lies in a performance that had no politics, and was filled with pathetic insecurities and a hunger for crowd approval that was worthy of shame. Like loyal viewers of The Housewives of Beverly Hills, Trump fans beg him for reruns of his favorite episodes during his reign as America’s first mad king and hopefully last.

At his Ohio rally, Trump declared that “we will never stop fighting for the true results of the 2020 elections,” which he referred to as “the crime of the century.” It’s no wonder why many Trump supporters are said to be simple-minded and uneducated cultists. Could anything sound more stupid, desperate, or dangerous than Donald Trump’s hysterical ravings? He unleashed his greatest hits and grievances in a sad replay of all that remains of his historically failed presidency. It has become a caricature of itself, held only by people who don’t want the season finale to end. But it is coming. Despite the denial of his loyal followers, the facts are there, on video, audio and his missing Twitter account.


  • The mob attack on Capitol Hill that he incited were Trump supporters, many of whom are members of white supremacist groups.
  • Many of these insurgents said they attacked the Capitol building. to stop the election certification because Donald Trump told them to.
  • Five people died as a result of the attack on the Capitol
  • Officer Michael Fanone suffered a heart attack and traumatic brain injury as a result of being attacked by rioters supporting Trump.
  • The mob was yelling “Hang up Mike Pence” and “We’re going to get you, Nancy.”
  • 140 people, including DC and Capitol police, were beaten and injured in the insurrection
  • Trump ordered the mob to “go to the Capitol and fight like hell to get your country back.”


  • More than 65 voter fraud claims made by Trump’s attorneys were dismissed by judges from both parties.
  • Neither Trump nor his attorneys have presented physical evidence of fraud.
  • Even corrupt former attorney general William Barr has come out and said that no significant fraud was found in the 2020 election. He has recently called Trump’s claims of fraud “bullshit.”
  • Each state secretary of state has certified the legitimacy of the electoral recount in their state.
  • The Supreme Court dismissed the case on the grounds that there was fraud in Pennsylvania.
  • Trump tried to commit the kind of fraud he’s accusing Democrats of by asking the Georgia Secretary of State to find him exactly 1 vote more than Biden to win Georgia.
  • To avoid the label of “loser” and to have a toxic spiral of shame in front of his fans, Trump made up a story or worse, believed the illusion that he lost because of the fraud.

Trump’s psychopathology runs so deep that it has led him to dedicate his first rally of the year to being an act of revenge against Ohio Rep. Anthony E. Gonzalez because he voted to impeach him. DC insiders and longtime Trump associates report that Trump always has a list of people he seeks to ruin. The scariest part is when you see him threatening and putting people down, he’s enjoying it. He has vowed to campaign against the 10 Republicans who voted to impeach him, so like every mob boss, criminal or cartel czar, Trump is only looking for revenge, power and money.

During his rally in Ohio, he criticized the racist part of his base by attacking Biden’s immigration policies and attacked the Supreme Court saying he is ashamed of the conservative court for denying his allegations of voter fraud. What happens to people who take the unproven word of a dishonest and unconditional man about legal professionals, election officials from both parties, Supreme Court justices, and the Secretary of State for state? Oh right, what explains that adults give blind loyalty to a person? BEING CAPTURED BY A CULT.

Low-functioning members of Trump supporters will excuse any of their crimes, even if they are charged, found guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, and sent to prison. Yet the remaining supporters are potentially accessible because they support him, not because they believe in him or like him, but because they disdain the Democrats. Yet as these achievable Republicans reap the benefits of the programs Biden is fighting for, they can at least abandon Trumpism and go back to true conservatives who care about democracy.

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