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  • June 29, 2021

All Republicans in Congress voted against police funding

Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) broke it down and cut the Republican lies to explain that all Republicans in Congress voted against funding the police.

Representative Lieu tweeted:

This is not a complicated concept. As a ballpark figure, 9.2% of all local government funding went to police departments in 2017. Police departments are a substantial part of local government spending.

Each of the Republicans in Congress voted against spending $ 350 billion to fund local police departments. Republicans are in a panic for very good reason. Their strategy of trying to make President Biden unpopular by making his legislative priorities partisan has blown them in their faces.

Republicans falsely claim that Democrats want to defund the police, but you will not find votes across the Democratic Party of your members of Congress against funding the police.

Only one political party is known to have voted against funding the police as crime increases in the country, and that is the same Republican Party that claims to love the police, although it did not want to give local governments the necessary resources. . they need to keep the nation’s police officers and communities safe.

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