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  • June 29, 2021

Crash Drive 3 launches July 8

Have you ever considered a career as a stunt driver? Crash Drive 3 is your ultimate arcade driving playground where you can take the wheel of everything from race cars and monster trucks to fire trucks and tanks. Explore an open world filled with larger-than-life locations that are perfect for wild races and incredible stunts. Navigate the Arctic ice, somersault over the battlements of a forest castle, and much more. You can even take a rocket to visit the moon! Each area is unique and filled with challenges, secrets, collectibles, and special Easter eggs.

Competitive events

As you explore the world of Crash Drive 3, competitive events will be announced, everyone in the world can participate … or just keep playing! A giant beach ball could fall from the sky, where you score points every time you hit it. A player may find himself crowned king, but how long can they prevent the other players from trying to take his crown? You may be challenged to mark as many scenarios as you can by doing stunts on them … there are 10 different game events, with prizes for the highest scoring players. Once one event takes place, it won’t be long before another arrives! We had so much fun trying out all these different events, and we’re sure you will too!

Spend the money you earn from exploration and events to personalize your trip. Install original antennas, fancy license plates and more! You can also use cash to upgrade your vehicles and buy new ones. From school buses and police vans to dragsters and beach buggies, there is plenty of variety for your garage!

Crash Drive 3

Your vehicles will also update as you drive them. Want a faster top speed? Drive at full speed! Using nitro boosters will increase your car’s total nitro capacity, and so on … if you hit the highest possible player level, you might even be able to get a solid gold car.

Have fun in tank battles

Yes! There are also tank battles in Crash Drive 3! We knew we wanted tanks in the game, and they are such exceptional vehicles that we knew they deserved their own gameplay. Take part in aerial tank battles high up in the sky arena! Smash your opponents off the platform or use your cannon to score points and dominate! Success will earn you new money, which you can use to unlock new tanks. There are 10 in total, with different types, from light tanks to fighters, each with a unique play style.

Crash Drive 3

Play alone or with friends

We wanted Crash Drive 3 to make it as easy as possible to get in, and we wanted to make a game that we could play with friends at any time. Thanks to the magic of cross-platform multiplayer, we are happy to say that no matter what device you use, you can play with any of your friends! We even included a feature so that if you have online connectivity issues, the game seamlessly switches to full-featured single player mode so you never have to slow down.

So, what are you waiting for? Prepare to start your engines when Crash Drive 3 comes to Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S July 8: There is a giant beach ball that falls from the sky and is named after you!

Xbox Live

Crash Drive 3


Are you ready for the car stunting playground? Experience ridiculous fun in this free roaming multiplayer multiplayer game! Drive the most amazing monster trucks, tanks and vehicles in a huge open world. Level up, play events, win cash, unlock new cars and discover secrets…. Crash Drive is back! COMPETITIVE EVENTS Destroy a gigantic beach ball, catch thieves as a policeman or steal the king’s crown, these are just a few examples of the 10 fun events this game has to offer. Take part in these randomized competitive events, beat your opponents to win the most cash and buy amazing new cars or customizations. CRAZY CAR LEVELING By using nitro boosters, you increase the nitro capacity of the car, when driving at top speed, you increase its top speed … catch drift? ‘Maxing out’ all of a car’s stats increases your player level, allowing you to buy new cars or customizations. Collect more than 50 vehicles and customize your car with original antennas, power-ups and unique license plates with your name in the game. Reach the maximum player level to gain prestige and prove who the real boss of Crash Drive 3 is! Anyone want a solid gold car? OPEN WORLD EXPLORATION To the moon and back! Drive freely and explore the unlimited and varied open world at your leisure. Fly in a rocket to the moon, storm the king’s castle in the forest, go to the hall in the canyons of the wild west or enjoy drifting fun in the arctic snow. Are you done with the icy cold? How about a relaxing ferry ride to the tropics? Each area is unique and filled with secret areas, collectibles, and special Easter eggs … Do you think you will ever have finished exploring this world? ENJOY THE TANK BATTLES! Blast or smash opponents from the sky arena to score points and dominate the battle arenas. Win to buy new tanks, each with a unique play style. You will have fun in the exciting tank battle mode! PLAY WITH FRIENDS ON ANY PLATFORM! No matter what platform your friends play on, you can always play together thanks to cross-platform multiplayer support. Or if you want to do some stunting offline, seamlessly switch to a fully single player experience anytime you want!

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