• June 29, 2021

First Look at Legislative Redistricting Maps

TO UPDATE: What Justin wingerter reports for The Denver Post, don’t get too attached to these maps. We mentioned earlier that the keyword here was PRELIMINARY, and a staff member makes that point in The charge:

“These will never be approved by anyone,” Jessika Shipley, chief of staff for the legislative redistricting commission, told commissioners. “They are simply a starting point of reference for conversations across the state.”

Along those lines, someone might need to pour a bucket of cold water on excited Republicans:

“These maps are the Colorado political equivalent of a Category 5 hurricane or an earthquake – 10.0 on the Richter scale,” said Alan Philp, a Republican consultant who lobbies the redistricting commission.

A HUGE EARTHQUAKE … that “will never be approved by anyone.”


Nonpartisan staff from the Colorado Independent Redistricting Commissions today launched their first effort on the proposed new maps for the State House and State Senate districts in 2022.

CLICK HERE to view the State House district map.

CLICK HERE to view the state Senate district map.

You can see an enlarged version of the state Senate map below, but you really need to click the links above to get a better look. As we noted last week when the first Congressional redistricting map was released, THESE ARE ONLY PRELIMINARY MAPS.

Analysis of the metropolitan area in the state Senate redistricting proposal.

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