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Sir Kevan Collins, a former Tsar of Education Recovery, has warned that: “We cannot ruin a generation of children if we do not invest in their education.”

Sir Kevan resigned as the education recovery czar in early June, after the government pledged just £ 1.4bn to help finance the education recovery, compared to £ 15bn he had requested.


The increasing delay in marriage points to the need for a humanistic recognition of marriage


The government specifically foresees humanistic weddings in the latest coronavirus regulations

Non-religious in NI jump 27% in the latest Life and Times Survey, up from 20% last year, 12% in 2009

Speaking to the parliamentary education committee, the former official said: “I was ready to be met at the end of the education recovery commission which might have suggested that we were spending too much on the children of England. I’d rather be that side of this evil than the side of evil that is that we have underestimated and little invested in the lives of our children. ”

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