• June 30, 2021

How to know if you can, and if you should, upgrade to Windows 11

Just six years after declaring Windows 10 the latest Windows operating system, the company has announced Windows 11. But when will you get it and why should you care?

Windows 11 will arrive during the delightfully vague “vacation of 2021”. That probably means November, but it gives Microsoft a window to move to December in case the developers break something or find a bug at an inopportune time. However, current Windows 10 users you probably won’t see a free update until next year, which means a new PC will be the only way to get it before then.

Windows 11 features a new widget panel, as well as redesigned notifications and settings.

The minimum requirements for Windows 11 are quite low. So if you’ve bought a ready-to-go PC in the last four years and are currently running Windows 10, you should be eligible for that free update. Microsoft initially offered a “PC Health Check” application through its website, which would determine if your PC was eligible, but was temporarily disconnected after many users found it confusing.

A big part of that is something called the Trusted Platform Module, or TPM. Almost all modern computers have this, but depending on how old yours is (and if it was custom built), it may be an outdated version or not turned on, which means that many computers that should be able to run Windows 11 were failing. the status of the PC.

At this point it is not clear if an updated TPM will be a final requirement for Windows 11. If so, it should be a simple matter of turning it on in your computer’s BIOS settings, which will require someone with a bit of computing experience. .

As for whether you should worry about Windows 11, that completely depends on how you use your computer.


Like pastel colors, rounded corners, and the ‘Home’ button moved to the bottom center of the screen for no apparent reason? Then Windows 11 has the aesthetic for you. (You can move the Home button to the left if you want.) Of course, everything from file explorer to settings has had a modern design overhaul as well.

The biggest and most useful change is the broader Microsoft Store with support for many more different types of programs, including Android apps through the Amazon store. And all your updates will now happen in the background, saving you from constant reboots.

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