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  • July 1, 2021

A test of jutzpah

“A vote in the plenary session of the House today will reveal how cheeky a group of moderate House Republicans has,” Political reports.

“Lawmakers will vote on a $ 715 billion surface transportation infrastructure bill (separate from the plan Biden just negotiated with Senate Republicans). Hidden inside are hundreds of millions of dollars in gifts sought by House Republicans in the form of appropriations, which were revived by House leaders this year after a year-long ban. “

Yet Republicans are expected to vote overwhelmingly against the package, calling it a financial waste, even as many of them reap the benefits. Attack announcements practically write themselves. “

Punchbowl News: “In the old days, this would never happen. If a member got an assignment, they would vote for the bill. Or their allowance would be dropped somewhere along the way and they would never get another. “

Role call: Lots of Republican appropriations on the spending bill that your members will oppose.

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