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  • July 1, 2021

Ashli ​​Babbit’s killer is a dangerous incompetent

A picture is worth a thousand words. So these two pictures tell you two thousand words worth of Ashley Babbit. He is demonstrably incompetent.

There are four fundamental rules for handling any firearm, especially a pistol:

  1. Treat each gun as if it were loaded until you inspect it to make sure there is no ammunition in the chamber.
  2. Always point the gun in a safe direction (in other words, do not point the gun at anything or anyone you are not willing to kill or destroy).
  3. ALWAYS keep your finger away from the trigger until you are ready to shoot.
  4. Know your goal and what lies beyond. It does not shoot a target if there is a person or persons behind the target who do not pose a threat.

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See the whole picture. This idiot has his finger on the trigger and points his gun at other members of the security personnel. You are violating all the gun rules listed above. Each.

To make matters worse is what you are doing with your left hand. Take something. When you have your right hand finger on the trigger and simultaneously use your left hand to grab or hold something, you are likely to cause a sympathetic trigger finger movement. The man in the blue shirt is very lucky that this clown didn’t shoot him in the back.

The lack of discipline in training this man exhibits is alarming. And the result of this incompetence was the murder of Ashli ​​Babbit. If a policeman on the street in any city in America handled a gun like this, they would take the gun away from him and send him back to training. To make matters worse, he took an innocent life.

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