• July 1, 2021

Republicans reaffirm their loyalty to racist traitors and a serial rapist is out of prison

Republicans are still looking forward to being there in cotton land …

In today’s news: More than half of the Republican members of the House of Representatives voted to continue honoring racist traitors. And in other news, nearly all House Republicans voted against an investigation into the racist traitors who attacked the Capitol on January 6. Are you perceiving a pattern here? A truly gruesome turn of events in Pennsylvania, where the state supreme court overturned serial rapist Bill Cosby’s conviction, and he is once again free to drug and rape women. It is reported that charges will be brought against the Trump Organization and its main money launderer. The Trumpian governor of South Dakota has turned the state’s National Guard troops into a mercenary force, all in the service of Donald Trump. And it won’t surprise anyone to learn that the police reform bill is in trouble because those in need of reform are fighting it and Republicans are listening.

This is something you may have missed:

More than half of House Republicans support Confederate traitors on the US Capitol.

Trump’s impeachment attorney gave the Pennsylvania Supreme Court his excuse to free Bill Cosby

Criminal charges against the Trump Organization and its CFO could hit Trump’s wealth

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s Border Deployment Is Being Funded By The Used Car Billionaire Megadonor

Shocking! Negotiations on the police reform bill hampered by the very people who need to reform

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