• January 26, 2022

FINALLY Trump Lackey makes social media … something … for oppressed whites to say the N word!

Things are going great on Trumphumper Jason Miller’s new Twitter copycat site, GETTR. The anti-cancellation cultural creed of the supposed free speech platform was immediately put the test as the site was invaded last night by a horde of racists and groypers and nazis and old scammers riding on filthy hashtags to whip their own shit.

The site passed with great success! Or not, depending on your perspective.

In keeping with their own terms of service, the GETTR mods set out to purge some of the more obvious Nazi elements, including Paul Gosar’s friend Nick Fuentes. Take that, cancel crop!

But the site is still chock-full of N-word hashtags, including on its own trending topics, as of this writing.

Meanwhile, the reporters spent about 10 minutes on the shitty rhythm of the alt-right. do exercise that the site was basically a repurposed version of Chinese anti-communist media billionaire Guo Wengui’s Getome platform.

Guo, also known as Miles Kwok, also known as the Chinese Communist Party public enemy number oneAKA that funding freak Steve Bannon has appeared on Your Wonkette before, most notably when the postman arrested Bannon on his yacht. But Guo and his allies seem to have been behind some of Hunter Biden’s craziest laptop fabrications. (Another Brandy Zadrozny story – follow her, it’s amazing.)

And we’re not dragging him down that crazy rabbit hole on a Friday afternoon, but … let’s just stipulate that this guy’s involvement indicates that this effort it may not be at all going up and up.

“Part of the initial capital comes from the foundation of his family,” Miller confirmed to The daily beast, which was the first to break the news of Guo’s participation in the project.

Guo is not a direct investor in Gettr, according to Miller, and does not have a seat on its board or other formal role. Trump’s adviser said the company was backed by a “consortium of international investors,” but declined to name them, beyond the Guo foundation, or the full amount of money that has been invested in the new social media property up to now. But while Miller downplayed Guo’s connection, sites associated with the billionaire have suggested that Gettr is Guo’s brainchild.

In a June video on GTV, a news outlet serving as Guo’s spokesperson, a host who summarized Guo’s recent fact about Getter said that the social media platform was “the concentration of Miles’s lifetime work.” . The presenter added that Guo came up with the idea for the Gettr logo, a torch.

Which isn’t exactly great publicity, which is why Miller anticipated Wall street journal, looking for a more friendly coverage. There he downplayed the initial capital of “the Guo family foundation,” emphasizing that the site had many investors, none of whom exercised administrative control. But when asked, he did not reveal the identities of those investors.

However, he did explain how he intends to go from Step 1: Collect Nazi Underpants to Step 4: PROFIT !!!

Later this year, Gettr plans to implement an “online recognition” feature that will allow users to donate directly to politicians, Miller said. Rather than advertising, Miller said the platform seeks to make money from e-commerce.


Oh hey, remember that funny time when the Trump campaign tricked its low-rent donors into making thousands of dollars in recurring donations using misleading language and fine print? Who’s excited to turn over their credit card information to Trumpland’s butler so he can help us participate in a little “online appraisal” of our favorite politicians? Hell, maybe you want to buy a used sofa too, while you’re at it.

In short, this point of sale platform that aspires to Twitter off the mark of one of Trumpland’s most insufferable scammers is doing exactly as well as expected. And here at Wonkette we wish Mr. Miller continued success in all his future endeavors.

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