• January 24, 2022

Democrats face new obstacles in opposing voting laws

“The Supreme Court’s 6-3 decision on Thursday that upheld voting restrictions in Arizona has effectively left voting rights advocates with a higher bar for bringing federal cases under the Voting Rights Act: demonstrate a discriminatory intention, “the New York Times reports.

“That burden is prompting civil rights groups and voters to recalibrate their approach to challenging in court the series of new restrictions that Republican-controlled legislatures have passed … No longer, they say, they can count on federal courts. , including the Supreme Court, to serve as an endorsement to prevent voting restrictions based on racial discrimination. “

“The high court struck down the core protection of the Voting Rights Act in a 2013 decision, and on Thursday further limited the scope of the law to combat discriminatory laws, establishing new strict guidelines to test the effects of the laws on the voters of color and therefore demanding litigants to rise above the much higher bar of demonstrating deliberate intent to discriminate.

Dan balz: Do Democrats Have a Strategy to Counter Republican State Laws Restricting Voting?

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