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  • July 3, 2021

Gwen Berry just got hit with a truck full of karma … Wow, that was quick …

Anti-American Olympian Gwen Berry, who turned her back on the National Anthem, faces a huge cloud of KARMA that is raining down on her Marxist parade.


The woman who is so “progressive” and so “woke up” simply felt the kiss of death on her career when her violent, insensitive, racist and vulgar past tweets came back to haunt her.

The national pulse found the tweets and reported on them: Berry, whose participation in the United States Olympic trials by hammer throw led to a viral photo of her turning her back on the flag, has also used her platform to advocate for left-wing causes , including racial ones. and social justice.

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“Berry has become one of the most outspoken leaders in sport fighting to raise awareness of the issues of social injustice in America,” his personal biography boasts.

The National Pulse may now reveal several posts on Berry’s Twitter account that contain racist comments against the problems she aims to combat.

“This little white boy is being mean as hell !! I would punch his butt and then stomp on him !! Smh #whitepplKids hella disrespectful, “he tweeted in 2011. Berry has also claimed that” white people “run their” damn mouths “too much and are” sooo retarded when drunk, “among other nasty generalizations about race:


Here are the tweets:


Perhaps Gwen should care less about the anthem and focus on the many people she has been oppressing with her hatred, violence and racism?

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