• July 6, 2021

Warhammer II has been unveiled

Let’s face it, the Beastmen haven’t gotten much attention since they were included in the first Total War: Warhammer play. Most of his hordes rampaged through the Empire’s lands, rampaging and looting on a whim. That’s about to change thanks to a free update that’s released alongside The silence and the fury DLC. This reworking of Beastmen for Total War: Warhammer II is meant to make them very formidable and interesting to play again.

For starters, this horde-type faction retains three unique stances. Beastmen Ambush offers the ability to stalk enemy armies each time you initiate an attack. Meanwhile, using Beast Paths allows you to cross major obstacles like mountains (similar to the Underway). Lastly, the Hidden Camp stance allows you to recruit units and build upgrades without fear of being attacked once your turn is over (assuming your rivals don’t discover you).

Total War: Warhammer IIFree rework of Beastmen

Part of Total War: Warhammer IIBeastmen’s free rework is the faction’s ability to establish Bloodgrounds. At the beginning of your campaign, you should have a Herdstone resource. Then once you have captured a settlement, you will see the “Breed Herdstone” option that uses that resource. This will then create a Bloodground that will encompass a massive red-colored area on the campaign map. Ideally, you’ll want to win battles, raid, and take over more settlements within the Bloodground to sow devastation.

As devastation increases in a province, so will your means of accumulating Marks of Ruin (from a rite) and Dread. The former confers advantages for the entire campaign, such as unit recruitment and army capacity. In the meantime, the latter can be used to purchase boosts, such as additional unit caps and upgrades. You can also use Dread to get other Beastman lords like Khazrak, Malagor, Morghur, and Taurox, as long as you have the DLCs that add them. Note that the first three require Call of the beastmen and Taurox requires The silence and the fury.

Also, there is another resource called Favor (which emphasizes that Beastmen do not need gold and are marked by the Gods of Chaos). As you win more battles and accumulate the Favor of the Dark Gods, you will be able to grab items and auxiliaries that provide buffs when equipped. Lastly, there are research challenges to consider. Rather than simply selecting a technology and letting turns elapse, Beastmen must complete certain challenges to unlock these boons. For example, a technology called “The Strong Survive” increases all of Dread’s earnings by 20%. However, you must first reach level 15 with three characters.

We’ll see the Beastmen rework live once Total War: Warhammer II‘s The silence and the fury The DLC will be released on July 14. Oh, and don’t forget that the update also includes gifts like Thorek Ironbrow and Ogre Mercenaries.

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