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  • July 7, 2021

Backyard footy gets a new AI trainer

Even though school, soccer training, and social gatherings can be a bit dicey as the ongoing lockdowns continue, soccer fans can get a quick fix on drills and training thanks to a new collaboration between Google and the AFL.

Footy Skills Lab, a free web app that features video tips from players and uses artificial intelligence to track performance and give scores, is live today and can be used by anyone with a phone, a ball, and an internet connection. .

Google has partnered with the AFL to create the Footy Skills Lab.

“It’s a great tool to add a head start, particularly for kids who are learning,” said AFLW star Tayla Harris, who appears on the app.

“I really like the idea that they can hone their skills and play games with just their phone and soccer, they don’t necessarily need anyone else.”

Also featured are Madison Prespakis, Akec Makur Chuot and AFL wheelchair player Joanna Argaet. The app features ball handling, decision-making, and power exercises (kicks and passes) at three intensity levels, and is designed to be as accessible as possible for people with movement, sight, or hearing difficulties.

“It would bother me if one person could use this great piece of technology and then the next one couldn’t. So it was very important to make sure everyone was represented, everyone could use this and improve themselves, ”Harris said.

Tayla Harris from Melbourne is one of the athletes featured in the new web app.

Tayla Harris from Melbourne is one of the athletes featured in the new web app.Credit:Ben Gibson / Melbourne FC

Dave Bowman, who leads Google’s partner innovation team, said inclusion was a key part of the app from the beginning.

“We have tried to adopt accessibility options beyond the audio and subtitles options. So there are options, like if you are in a wheelchair, to be able to do the exercises in a slightly different way, ”he said.

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