• January 21, 2022

Does delta variance virus come after red states with low vaccination levels? Some say that COVID-19 was sent to ensure that Trump was not re-elected. Are the No Vaxxers now tempting fate by returning to normal life without vaccinations, without masks, and without tests? In January, Trump ran his scared butt to get vaccinated, but he covertly remains against supporting Americans to get vaccinated. His bungling in managing the pandemic caused him to lose reelection, the House and the Senate. Are his followers willing to risk their lives and emulate his stupidity?

In addition to lying to Americans about the danger that COVID-19 posed to their lives, Trump stupidly caught COVID by failing to practice the protective measures recommended by the CDC. His pathologically low self-esteem led him to create a macho attitude denying the risk of contracting COVID. He transmitted the deadly virus to his young son, wife and most of his staff. He held super spreader rallies and events at the White House and continued to encourage others to scoff at warnings from experts about the dangers of contracting COVID. The media recently obtained information about how sick Trump was from his COVID infection and without the special medication, the Monoclonal Antibody treatment he received, he could have died. Now his supporters in the red states are following his reckless behaviors by refusing to get vaccinated seeing his position as a statement of support for Trump.

Public health officials and President Biden are fighting to save lives. They are not politically motivated in the fight against COVID-19 like the power mongers Trump, McConnell, McCarthy, and most of the Republican elected members of Congress. Voters in predominantly red southern states are reluctant to get vaccinated. Sorry to sound petty and judgmental, but they sound so stupid and immature when interviewed about why they don’t want to take the photo. Their responses include;

  • “I don’t trust Biden
  • “I am healthy, I am not afraid of having COVID”
  • “The virus will magnetize me.”
  • “It is my constitutional right not to get vaccinated”
  • “Bill Gates has inserted a chip in the socket to steal my information.”
  • “Trump believes that the government is exaggerating the pandemic.”
  • “The vaccine came out too fast and I don’t think it’s safe.
  • “I don’t trust Dr. Fauci and science

These responses sound silly, brainwashed, and selfish. These beliefs increase the chances that these Red State Republicans will contract COVID-19 or the Delta variant and will be hospitalized or killed based on their stubbornness, low IQ, partisanship, Trump worship, or a death wish. Trump, McConnell and McCarthy are trying to sabotage the monumental success of President Joe Biden, and their administration has managed to get the virus under control. The health of the American people is being compromised by the Republican Party, who, as stated in the Constitution, must work with the opposition party for the good of the country. That’s the theory behind the two-party system, which the autocratic Republican party no longer supports.

The country may soon be faced with the humanistic dilemma of how to feel and how to deal with these irresponsible non-voids that will become super spreaders and a drain on state and federal funds to treat its preventable COVID disease. Trump’s model of resistance and denial regarding the need to use protective measures to avoid contracting COVID has been the model for these selfish, misinformed, or cult-following vaccine-resistant. The threat they pose to our public health and the potential financial loss they will inflict on local and national economies should have consequences. After contracting COVID-19 and becoming seriously ill from behaving with responsible arrogance, even Trump got vaccinated. That may be the only behavior this blog suggests its loyalists follow.

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