• July 7, 2021

National Geographic criticized for posting the most outlandish COVID propaganda photo you’ve ever seen …

National Geographic must be owned by the People’s Republic of China because now they are spreading some of the most outrageous and dangerous COVID propaganda you have ever seen …


It all happened when they published an absurd article about the new, new, new Delta Plus variant, which is apparently different than the Delta Variant, or something like that …

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But it was the photo they posted alongside the article that caused Americans to be outraged, and for good reason.

Take a look at the picture:

Two seemingly “dead-looking” guys in full hazmat gear, thrown in SERIOUS … Really?

This was a blatant attempt by Nat Geo to try to scare Americans. Why else would they publish that absurd photo that has NOTHING to do with their ridiculous article?


Here’s the tweet they posted – I can’t believe they haven’t deleted it so far, the reaction has been really bad.

That photo is absolutely absurd and has nothing to do with his story.

Apparently, it’s men who were supposedly “digging graves” for COVID victims last month and decided to take a break and “nap” on the graves … if that’s true. Everything seems so staged and fake no matter what it is. But one thing we can fully confirm is that this photo has NOTHING to do with any “Delta Plus Plus Plus Variant”.

The caption reads: “Workers in protective suits rest after burying a COVID-19 victim in Bandung, West Java province, Indonesia, on June 15, 2021.”

This was total and complete COVID-fear porn.

Here’s what people online said:

Hey NatGeo, didn’t your Hazmat Suits save you from Delta Plus? It seems that we are all doomed. Why don’t they go back to wildlife photos instead of organizing this propaganda? ”.

“You guys have to be kidding about this image. Has your social media person lost his mind? “

I am completely convinced @Nat GeoThe staff is taking methamphetamine. Every day they are more ridiculous. “

“The image is an excellent shit post, one of the best of the COVID era.”

“These men are napping. LOL. They are fully alive. This is click bait. “

“Delta plus ??? Lol Sounds like a new iPhone release! Sorry, but I can’t take it so seriously anymore! And that cover photo is absurd. “

“Is this bee from Babylon?”

“What the heck is that picture?”

Click on the bait image. Want to add Frankenstein or the Adams family to the photo too? Maybe a skeleton or a few?

“The level of absurdity in this image is quite staggering.”

“Great propaganda. China would be proud of you. “

“Even National Geographic with scary propaganda”

“I miss the old National Geographic before you became a parody site.”

“I didn’t know China belonged to you too!”

“This image looks like a stage”

“I’m waiting for the Delta Plus Plus SuperDuper variant myself …”

“What the heck is that picture? Delete your damn account “

“So these people in hazmat suits just dropped dead in random graves? LOL, this shit is ridiculous. “

This is reminiscent of those fake videos that came out of China when COVID was still brewing: videos and images of people falling dead on the streets and foaming at the mouth. Remember it? They were all edited and fake.

That is exactly what it looks and feels like.


It’s propaganda and you have to wonder why the hell are they doing this to us …

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