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  • July 7, 2021

Perennial wannabe Dan Caplis woos the insane with Jenna Ellis

Fortunately, a small number of people interested in the first phase of the race for the US Senate.In 2022 in Colorado they will tune in to the far right. The real voice of America streaming news channel tonight to see the former Donald trump Couptorney Jenna ellis, desperately trying to avoid the ignominious fate of the co-coup plotters Rudy giuliani Y Sidney Powell for switching careers to conservative commentator, interviewing a former local ambulance hunter, and a perennial aspiring candidate, but he never seems to be a serious Republican candidate Dan caplis– More recently, his name was verified as a potential Republican challenger to the incumbent senator. Michael Bennet. Caplis has been inserting himself into preliminary campaign rumors in literally every election cycle since at least 2008 to no avail, so it’s important to take his machinations with a bigger grain of salt than usual.

The apparent issue will be Trump’s lawsuit announced today against Facebook, Twitter, Y Google, which competent legal opinion does not put much stock in. It’s a much safer subject for both Ellis and Caplis than, say, the six-month anniversary of the January 6 uprising at the US Capitol this week. Caplis regularly hosted Ellis after the 2020 election to exaggerate his unsubstantiated claims that the election was stolen while increasing promotion of the Big Lie, as noted by the Colorado Times Recorder:

Caplis told Ellis how impressed he was with his professionalism.

“As this goes to court, I hope he becomes the leader of the [Trump] team, ”Caplis said on the air. “Because it’s times like this where some of the greatest legal talents in American history have had the opportunity to show themselves. And boy, would I love to see you at the tip of the spear. “

But after Trump supporters stormed the Capitol, Caplis declined to speak about the points of any spear:

As to whether Caplis yet believes the 2020 election was stolen, as Ellis does despite reportedly Ellis do not buy What’s Sidney Powell’s latest theory that Trump will be “reinstated” sometime next month? We’ll have to see what Caplis has to say about it in the friendly confines of Ellis’s show tonight. But Caplis’s situation is illustrative of the hardship Republicans face in 2022, needing to please the Trump loyalist base by forcibly regurgitating the Big Lie for the primaries, and then somehow trying to turn around and be taken over. seriously for most general elections. voters.

That said, Dan Caplis isn’t the answer to this puzzle any more than he was in 2008.

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