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  • July 8, 2021

Scott Morrison is MIA. Good thing prime ministers are still front and center

There has hardly been a word from the nation’s leader lately, but the void was happily filled by outspoken prime ministers.

(Image: Scott Morrison / Facebook)

With Australia’s largest city on lockdown, Prime Minister Scott Morrison is missing in action. He has not made a single statement or spoken to the media since a brief press conference after the national cabinet last Friday. We haven’t seen his face since we took a selfie on Facebook and Instagram with the family dog ​​at the weekend.

All of his posts on social media have been infographics on the launch of the vaccine. He hasn’t even given the usual interviews with favorable media like 2GB or dawn. The photographs, a hallmark of Morrison’s media management game, have disappeared.

Aside from last Christmas and an official vacation week in January, this is the longest period we’ve gone without hearing directly from Morrison via a press conference, statement, or media interview since his unfortunate Hawaii vacation in the heyday of the December 2019 wildfires.. Between December 13 and 20 of that year, he did not make a single media appearance. His office spent days trying to close rumors that he was on vacation with his family. He was forced to shorten the trip and return home, and expressed his regret for any offense caused to those affected by the wildfires.

What about the PM staying silent? Keep reading.

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