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  • July 9, 2021

Cancer scammer Hanna Dickenson faces new charges

A con artist incarcerated for fraud crimes related to a fake cancer scam will face court again on charges that she created a false reference before being sentenced by a magistrate.

Hanna Dickenson scammed family and friends $ 41,770 in 2013 by claiming she was seriously ill with leiomyosarcoma, a rare form of cancer, and needed money to go abroad for treatment. All his claims were lies.

Hanna Dickenson is in prison for crimes of fraud and is due to appear in court later this year.

He spread the lies to the federal government between 2014 and 2018 by submitting false documents to obtain $ 100,230 in payments under a disability support pension.

Dickenson used the money he squandered to fund trips to Thailand and Hong Kong and into a party lifestyle of nightclubs, alcohol and drugs, earlier court hearings have said.

Hanna Dickenson.

Hanna Dickenson.

Dickenson was jailed last year for at least a year for defrauding the government, but will have to appear in another court again later this year when she challenges charges related to the use of other documents that police allege are false.

Melbourne Magistrates Court heard on Friday police alleged that Dickenson created a reference, allegedly written by a manager at his job, and then had his lawyers present it to a magistrate in February last year during a deposition hearing. culpability.

The reference was read by a magistrate who eventually jailed the 27-year-old for three months for other crimes of fraud, related to using someone else’s identity in an attempt to obtain a $ 30,000 car loan.

Dickenson, who appeared in court Friday from jail, is charged with creating and using a false document.

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