• July 10, 2021

Did Rashida Tlaib just commit treason?

My last in PJ Media:

The noble and patriotic representative Rashida Tlaib (D-Gaza) has a great new idea: to defund not only the police, but also the Customs and Border Protection (CBP), Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ). Why? Because they get involved in terrorism, of course. The Democratic effort to scapegoat and criminalize all opposition to the leftist agenda in response to its imagined “insurrection” on January 6 is gathering steam, and now Tlaib wants to take it even further, by targeting organizations dedicated to defending them. United States as if they were enemies. of the State. In the new America of the left, that’s exactly what they are.

An interviewer He asked Tlaib what he thought of the Biden handlers’ proposal to try to control the border fiasco with new technology. Tlaib took the opportunity to move forward with his modest proposal: “Look, the simple answer to that question is that we should cut funding for CBP, ICE and their parent organization, DHS. Time and again we have seen you as advocates on the ground, as human service agencies on the ground continue to see over and over again that these agencies are inept at humanely guiding migrants through our immigration system and, in Instead, they continue to terrorize migrant communities. located within our communities. “

To the extent that these agencies “terrorize immigrant communities,” Tlaib likely considers them among the “white supremacist” domestic terrorists the Biden administration has ever had. swore to go after. And since they are engaging in terrorism against “immigrant communities,” providing them with improved technology is the last thing Biden’s managers should consider doing. “This approach,” Tlaib declared, “is something that many, especially new members of Congress, come up with in full force and reject this idea.”

The very idea of ​​trying to improve border security is (what else?) Racist: “They change the name of this kind of militarization or target our immigrant neighbors in a very inhumane way, but when it comes down to it, it’s the same. – that targets communities of color in a way that, to me, greatly violates the human rights and dignity of many of our communities.

Instead of new technology at the border, Tlaib said we need to reform our immigration laws, which is true, but not in the way she thinks: “This is a distraction from what is really needed, which are comprehensive immigration reform policies in our country. country. We’re a long way from getting to that conversation because people are distracted by these for-profit corporate greed approaches that they are getting to experiment with on our immigrants and our border. And I say enough “.

So in Rashida Tlaib’s ideal world, the United States would have new immigration laws that would presumably remove the restrictions that still remain on entry into the United States, as well as the remaining sanctions on illegal entry. In the meantime, it would underfund the police, immigration and border control agencies, and the Department of Homeland Security.

There is more. Read the rest here.

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