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  • July 10, 2021

Scott Gessler cashing in Yuge at the Westminster retreat

Scott Gessler.

For those unfamiliar with municipal politics in the northwest Denver suburb of Westminster, the Westminster City Council is a notable incubator for Colorado’s Democratic leadership like the Senator. Faith winter, Rep. Shannon Birdand Adams County Commissioner Emma pinter–As well as the trampled grounds of some of Colorado’s craziest minor Republican political hopefuls like Bruce baker Y Michael “Sustainability scares me” Melvin.

Last fall, Republicans led by Baker, who is running for another city council term after being rejected in 2017, launched a withdrawal campaign targeting the current and former mayor and two other city council members. The pretext was an increase in water rates, but the impeachment campaign is widely understood as a partisan political struggle with the aim of changing the nominally non-partisan city government to de facto Republican control. Only two petition drives were successful, setting recall questions against the City Councilor Jon voelz and former mayor Atchison grass. Atchison resigned his position shortly thereafter due to an unrelated health issue, leaving Voelz the sole impeachment target in the rapidly approaching July 20 special election.

If you haven’t heard much about this battle for partisan political powers brewing in one of Denver’s largest and fastest growing suburbs, there is a reason for it. As the Colorado Community Newspaper affiliate Westminster Window Liam adams pick up the story:

In less than two weeks, on July 20, Westminster voters will decide whether to remove Councilmember Jon Voelz and, if so, elect candidate Kathleen Dodaro to take his place. For months, Defend Westminster has raised money and campaigned for Voelz to retain its seat. The Westminster Water Warriors, who originally attempted to recall four members of the Westminster City Council, would see a successful recall from Voelz as evidence that their message about Voelz’s stance on water rates was compelling to citizens …

The city will pay Colorado Community Resource Services up to $ 250,000 to hold the special election because it is not part of a coordinated county election. The Voelz council seat will be re-elected in November.

This is critical to understand: the cost of this impeachment election is borne by taxpayers, for a special election to decide whether Jon Voelz will hold office until the regular election just a few months later in November. It is an indefensibly worthless waste of taxpayer money, and Voelz allies hope that a resounding defeat will indicate voters’ displeasure at the heinous waste of their time and money.

But depending on your point of view, that may not even be the worst part of what is happening:

The Colorado Democratic Party and Democratic leaders in the region have come to the aid of the anti-retirement group. Meanwhile, the pro-retirement group has spent a total of $ 18,156 on its attorney, Scott Gessler, a former Colorado secretary of state and candidate for president of the Colorado Republican Party, according to an analysis of campaign finance reports filed by both groups between September and June. Virtually all of the Water Warriors ‘expenses, some of which are still owed, went toward attorneys’ fees … [Pols emphasis]

Let that sink in for a moment. Almost the totality of the expenses paid for the pro-retirement campaign are attorneys’ fees for Scott gessler, the most infamous Republican impeachment attorney in the state, completely discredited electoral conspiracy theorist, failed candidate for president of the Colorado Republican Party and candidate for Trump coup “expert witness.” Now, we understand that there was some litigation in the process, but the idea that the Gessler law firm received almost all of the money raised for this recall campaign is staggering:

Expenses are more prominent in Water Warriors financial reports. The group has spent $ 19,156 on legal fees, nearly all of which went to Gessler. Gessler has told Window that even though he is well known in Republican circles throughout Colorado, his work for the Water Warriors has only been in a legal capacity, not a political one.

Currently, the total amount of legal fees the Water Warriors owes Gessler is about $ 40,000, but the bills are still coming in, said Debbie Teter, an organizer for Water Warriors.

Also, the Water Warriors have spent $ 860 on Facebook ads …

In short, whatever argument may have persuaded you to donate to the Westminster withdrawal campaign, be it resentful of your water bill or knowing full well that it is a partisan political power game, it doesn’t matter! Because all his money, and what we mean is, it’s literally amazing, went straight to Scott Gessler’s pocket. The $ 860 the committee has apparently spent advertising its efforts on Facebook is practically an insult to campaign donors.

You are absolutely right, Scott Gessler is not acting in his “legal capacity” or his “political capacity”.

This recall appears to be about one thing and one thing only: “Honey Badger” charging.

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