• July 13, 2021

Calls Grow For ATAGI To Rethink Its AstraZeneca Advice For Under 60s

The Australian Immunization Technical Advisory Group follows their advice that those under the age of 60 should receive the Pfizer vaccine. Some experts question that advice.

(Image: AP / Esteban Felix)

Late on Monday, Australia’s Immunization Technical Advisory Group (ATAGI) met for their weekly discussion to decide whether to update their advice on the AstraZeneca vaccine. It decided not to update it, leaving Pfizer as the vaccine of choice for those under 60, although anyone can request AstraZeneca from their GPs.

The meeting took place on the same day that a 72-year-old woman in South Australia is believed to have died from the rare AstraZeneca-related blood clotting syndrome.

At the end of June, the Department of Health published a document weighing the risks of COVID-19 and the AstraZeneca vaccine as advised by ATAGI. For every 100,000 people between the ages of 18 and 29, 1.9 would develop blood clots and only one hospitalization would be avoided. For those over 80, the risk is the same: 6.2 deaths and 11.5 hospitalizations would be avoided. The risk of clots is higher in people 40 to 49 years old; five out of 100,000 people develop blood clots.

What do some experts say about the safety of the AZ vaccine? Keep reading.

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