• July 13, 2021

Texas Democrats flee state by private plane to stop integrity vote in Republican elections

On Monday, Texas Democrats fled the state on an unmasked flight from Texas to Washington DC to deny a quorum and prevent passage of a Republican-backed electoral integrity bill.

And they brought Miller Lite beer with them on the bus to the airport.

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Democratic State Representative Julie Johnson originally tweeted and later deleted a photo of herself and her fellow Democrats on an airport shuttle: “When it comes to protecting our right to vote, all the cards are on the table.”

Miller Lite on board

“We broke the #quorum again today because the Gob & #txlege Repubs chose to intimidate Texans of our constitutional rights rather than find solutions to the problems that really exist.”

That’s when Twitter noticed that they also had Miller Lite.

No masks for these traveling democrats

And then something else, these Democrats on their chartered flight to Dulles airport, none of them had masks.

Currently, federal guidelines require masks on all “commercial aircraft on board.”

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Texas Gov. Greg Abbott attacks Democrats

The person who calls daily reported: “Once Democrats arrive in DC, they are reportedly planning to demonstrate on behalf of the For The People Act, a Democrat-led proposal to nationalize the United States elections that passed in the House of Representatives but which since then it has stalled in the Senate. “

“The Republican proposal that Texas Democrats seek to block includes new voter identification requirements for voting by mail, prevents election officials from sending mail-in ballot requests to voters who did not request one, and prohibits direct voting,” noted the person who calls.

“It also expands the powers available to partisan election observers and institutes new criminal penalties for individuals who improperly assist others with voting by mail or in person,” the news outlet noted.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott said of the Democratic representatives in his state who broke the quorum, “As they fly across the country in comfortable private jets, they leave unresolved issues that can help their districts and our state.”

This is not the first time Democrats have fled.

In 2011, Wisconsin Democrats fled the state to try to prevent Governor Scott Walker’s public union reforms.

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