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  • July 13, 2021

Wings over Scotland | The long and slow routine of justice

Wings has been informed this morning by a reliable source that the Scottish Police have now made progress in their investigation into the “lost” fundraising money of £ 600,000 from the SNP of “evaluation” to a formal criminal investigation into the matter, which was first revealed on this site in January 2020. We understand that an official statement to that effect will be released shortly.

[EDIT 12.27pm: the statement is below.]

The Scottish Police have now received seven complaints in relation to donations made to the Scottish National Party.

“After evaluation and consultation with the Crown Office and the Attorney General’s Tax Service, we will now conduct an investigation.

“Investigations are continuing and anyone with information that can help with this investigation should contact the police.”

We look forward to the final result and in the meantime we continue with our retreat. Those who are still loyal to the party leadership and who want to be sure that everything is fine and correct and that it is all a crazy conspiracy theory and a total non-story, turn to Wee Ginger Dug and the Twitter accounts of Pete Wishart, Mhairi Hunter. , Tom Arthur, Stewart McDonald, Tom Gordon and David Leask, as usual.

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