• July 14, 2021

Aroldis Chapman and Adolis García, Cuban-born players, express their support for the All-Star Game protests

Two Cuban-born players sent thanks to protesters against the regime Tuesday at the start of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game in Denver.

When introduced, New York Yankees closer Aroldis Chapman and Texas Rangers outfielder Adolis Garcia drew attention to popular pro-freedom messages written in white on their caps, as shown in the broadcast of Fox Sports.

The slogans were “SOS Cuba” and “Patria y Vida”, which means “homeland and life”, a phrase popularized in a song by dissident Cuban hip-hop artists in defiance of the Cuban motto “Patria o Muerte”, or “Patria o muerte”.

Before the game, Chapman He said José de Jesús Ortiz from our corner that “we have to try to seek the freedom that every Cuban has dreamed of for many years.”

“It’s important,” Chapman said. “How can I tell you? It is an event for me because everyone sees it. It is an event that the entire United States watches. Many countries see it. I am sending a clear message to everyone so they know what is going on in me. country “.

García, who defected in 2016, said his family and relatives still live in Cuba, where thousands of protesters have taken to the streets chanting “Freedom” and “Down with the dictatorship,” unleashing an offensive by security forces, according to Human – Rights groups.

“We know the situation that is happening at the moment,” Garcia told Our Esquina. “People are in the streets protesting and fighting for their rights. Be strong. We are all here with you. “

Chapman, who defected in 2009, said the protests were “the first time I have heard of it in my 33 years.”

“It is good that this has happened so that people get up. The courage to go outside, that has never happened. That’s good, ”he said. “Hopefully it works so we can have a chance and get those people out of there. We’ll see.”

Among those who use the hashtags #SOSCuba and #PatriayVida on social media is Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida and a staunch critic of the 62-year-old communist dictatorship in Havana.

He disagreed with those who blame the uprising on Cuba’s handling of the new coronavirus, citing a Sunday. cheep by a senior State Department official who said that the Cuban people seek “to express their concern over the increase in COVID cases / deaths and the shortage of medicines.”

“This is not just a response to the COVID outbreak, but an unequivocal rejection of six decades of suffering under totalitarian socialism and communism,” saying Rubio in a statement Tuesday.

President Biden told reporters Monday that “the Cuban people demand their freedom from an authoritarian regime.”

“We support the Cuban people and their clamor for freedom and relief from the tragic control of the pandemic and the decades of repression and economic suffering to which they have been subjected by the authoritarian regime of Cuba,” he said in a statement.

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