• July 14, 2021

How Democrats Will Sell Their $ 3.5 Trillion Plan

“Democratic leaders are considering various scenarios to take advantage of the gigantic one-party spending bill, given their slim majority in the House and Senate.” Political reports.

Among the scenarios under consideration earlier this week was that House Democrats vote first on the party’s budget plan, reaffirming the role of the lower house in a process that has been seen publicly as more Senate-driven. , according to several Democratic advisers. However, by Wednesday, that approach seemed less likely. There is also the question of whether Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill, assuming agreement is reached, before the budget plan. “

Washington Post: “Biden’s salesmanship opens a new political chapter in what is likely to be a difficult and tortuous debate in Congress, particularly as Democrats are divided on whether to accept the first deals they have reached, including with Republicans, or try to take advantage of their narrow majorities in Washington to seek more federal spending. “

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