• July 14, 2021

NSW registers 97 new cases of COVID-19, the Sydney lockdown extended for two weeks; Eight new cases in Victoria as MCG named an exhibition site

Victorian Industry Recovery and Support Minister Martin Pakula accused the Morrison government of providing “golden support” to New South Wales, while “punishing” Victorian businesses and workers during the latest state shutdown.

In the latest salvo in the Victoria-Commonwealth dispute, Pakula said the federal government had given Victoria no indication during its last shutdown in May that it would move to increase the maximum financial support available to workers of $ 500. at $ 600 per year. week if it was necessary to extend the confinement.

Martin Pakula on Tuesday.Credit:Eddie jim

“The fact that the treatment of the two states has been uneven, I think is beyond all doubt,” said the chief minister.

“We spent a year hearing about the gold standard, and now it has gone from the gold standard to the gold bracket as businesses and workers in Victoria [suffered]. “


Prime Minister Scott Morrison said yesterday that the new disaster relief package, jointly funded by the federal and state governments, would be offered to any state and territory if a COVID-19 lockdown related to coronavirus hot spots declared by the Commonwealth was entering a fourth week. Victoria’s latest lockdown fell below that threshold, while Greater Sydney is in a third week of lockdown and stay-at-home orders will apply for at least another two weeks.

Pakula said that in the first week of the Victoria breaker closing, Treasurer Tim Pallas had numerous conversations with his federal counterpart, Josh Frydenberg, and “finally the Commonwealth came true, for which we are grateful, but it is not even remotely close. of what is offered to New South Wales ”.

“We have seen over the past year a buildup from the federal government led by Treasurer Frydenberg, and what we are seeing with respect to New South Wales is support and reassurance.

“I think it’s great that they are being offered support and comfort, but I think that’s what should have happened here as well, rather than the extreme politicization, accusations and blame that was happening.

“It is not the Victorian government that suffers when we do not get fair and uniform treatment, it is Victoria companies and workers, and I don’t think Victoria companies and workers have received the same support as companies and workers. of New South Wales “.

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