• July 14, 2021

President Joe Biden homered in his speech today in defense of the right to vote and the preservation of democracy. He called the “big lie” and the Republicans who are spreading the false and undemocratic narrative for what they are; An attack on our republic. Biden never mentioned Trump, but embedded in his message was a call for Republicans to choose decency, honesty and patriotism over extreme political partisanship.

ABC News reported: “President Joe biden in a fiery speech on Tuesday condemned Republican efforts to limit accessing ballots across the country as a “21st century Jim Crow assault,” while warning Americans that the Republican Party is pushing to restrict voting and the “selfish” challenge of 2020 choice The results were “the most significant test of our democracy since the Civil War.” Not to mention Trump, Biden explained, “in the United States, when you lose an election, you accept it, you abide by the Constitution, you try again, and you don’t deny the facts.” He called that behavior “selfish”, not “political ability.”

The Republican Party’s reaction to the high turnout of more than 150 million people in the 2020 elections (despite the pandemic) and extremely fraud-free voting practices have spurred Republican-led legislative efforts to pass draft bills. law that make it difficult for Americans to vote. Biden spoke passionately about the diversity of voters of all ages, races and backgrounds who turned out to vote, which resulted in a victory for Joe Biden, and the Democrats won the House and Senate.

Biden rebuked the Republicans’ actions, citing how “eelectoral officials, the entire electoral system, resisted relentless political attacks, physical threats, intimidation and pressure ”. They did it with unwavering courage and faith in our democracy.“The President appealed to Americans to stop believing electoral lies by reminding them of facts such as 1) the recount after a recount showed no significant fraud, 2) more than 80 courts found no evidence of fraud, and 3) all the state secretaries of state – certified their elections, including the Supreme Court. Biden proclaimed;

“It is empty. For those who challenge the results and question the integrity of the election: No other election has been conducted under such scrutiny and such high standards.

The big lie is just that: a big lie. (Applause.)”

Biden did everything he could today to call on the American people to celebrate democracy and reject fear-based Republican tactics to suppress fair access to the vote for all Americans. He showed his commitment to the survival of American democracy by denouncing the dishonest and undemocratic actions that Republicans are taking to make it difficult for the people to vote.

Two obstacles to blocking the national move by Republican-led state governments to restrict access to voting are Senators Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kristin Sinema of Arizona. After hearing Biden’s alarming message about the threat that voter suppression bills pose to our democracy, it’s hard to accept these senators’ naive attachment to obstructionism. Biden is trying to inject morality, loyalty to the constitution, and unity into his legislative goals. He is urging Democrats, sane Republicans, and all Americans to “stand up and fight” against lies and misinformation.

The poisoning of our political discourse by Donald Trump, Republican members of Congress, and the right-wing media must be countered by the message Biden is sending that implies that nothing is more important than maintaining our democracy. This differs from the message sent by the Republican party and Trump, who is trying to regain power for selfish reasons. Biden argued for a return to the fundamentals of our democracy when he said “

For “We the People”, for our democracy, for the United States itself, we must act. (Applause.)

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