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  • July 15, 2021

MTG in El Paso county passing like a lead zeppelin

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

Faith miller to Colorado News follow a story that has been unfolding in conservative El Paso County for several weeks now: an upcoming appearance of the infamous conspiracy theorist “QAnon” courting outrage and first-year Georgia Republican congressman sans committee Marjorie Taylor Greene be the keynote speaker at the El Paso County Republican Party “Lincoln’s Day Dinner” which one could argue should have Abraham Lincoln spinning in his grave:

Controversial Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will be the keynote speaker at the El Paso County Republican Party’s annual fundraising dinner in August.

Who’s showing up and who’s not could indicate the willingness of prominent Colorado Republicans to embrace the far right. But local elected officials generally seem to be avoiding that conversation …

One of the most important fundraising opportunities for GOP organizations at the county level, the El Paso County Lincoln Day Dinner is already facing some controversy with party chair Vickie Tonkins in an ongoing state of conflict with a large faction of … no moderate so much, but somewhat less deranged than Tonkins and the FEC United Quasi-militia fringe element that has supported it despite allegations of long-standing mismanagement. Inviting the biggest Republican first-year embarrassment to Congress (sorry, Lauren boebert) to highlight the party’s annual fundraiser puts El Paso County party faithful in an even more difficult position:

Four officials, including Republican County Commissioner Holly Williams, said they would not attend the dinner.

“[MTG] He’s not a speaker I’m interested in hearing, ”Williams said via text message when asked for his opinion of Greene.

State Senator Bob Gardner, a Colorado Springs Republican, told Newsline that he would not have attended regardless of the speaker. “I’m concentrating all my efforts, all my fundraising and advocacy on getting the state Senate back (from Democrats),” Gardner said.

“I’ll honestly tell you, the decision has nothing to do with Taylor Greene’s invitation to the Lincoln Day dinner,” he added, declining to comment on the speaker’s choice.

In addition to Sen. Bob gardnerWho when he says he’s telling you “honestly” something that almost certainly isn’t, at least two other local lawmakers say they will be traveling or otherwise engaged the day MTG arrives in town. Again, whether you’re upset about inviting MTG in particular or the El Paso County Republican Party status in general motivating some Republicans to stay home from the party’s big fundraiser, it’s still not a good development.

And then there’s the much larger contingent of El Paso County Republicans who don’t want to speak at all:

Elected officials who did not respond to requests for comment included: El Paso County Commissioners Carrie Geitner, Stan VanderWerf and Cami Bremer; University of Colorado Regent Chance Hill; State Representatives Shane Sandridge, Dave Williams, Andy Pico, Tim Geitner, and Terri Carver; State Senators Dennis Hisey and Paul Lundeen; and US Representative Doug Lamborn.

Needless to say, there are many Republicans who either do not want to get tangled up in this controversy or have not decided whether their loyalties lie. For example, the El Paso County Commissioner Cami Bremer’s husband Eli bremer, a possible Republican candidate to oppose the senator. Michael Bennet In 2022, he doesn’t want to appear in a photo with MTG, but there are consequences whether or not he shows up in the Republican primary.

At a time when Colorado Republicans need to unite more than ever, MTG is helping them stay divided.

Those who say that she is a long-term active Democrat may be right.

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