• July 16, 2021

The love that does not dare to pronounce its name …

… It is the love that American liberals have for the communist dictatorship of Cuba. By any sensible calculation, Fidel Castro was a complete disgrace. And yet American liberals, as well as some Europeans, have never been able to let go.

When asked at a press conference if Cubans are protesting and trying to get off the island because “they don’t like communism,” Jen Psaki I could only hesitate:

I think we have been quite clear that we believe that people are leaving Cuba … and protesting in the streets as well, because they oppose the oppression, the mismanagement of the government in the county.

Maladministration! It’s just another case of not properly implementing socialism. One of these days we will get it right; that’s the liberal view.

One of the most ridiculous assumptions of the left, for many years, is that the poverty and backwardness of Cuba are in some way the fault of the United States because we do not trade with them. Of course, if socialism were a superior system, its survival would not depend on trade relations with a capitalist power. And in any case, Cuba was more or less afloat for decades by the Soviet Union, which injected huge amounts of money into the Castro regime. In a competitive environment, communist Cuba was always a hopeless case.

That hoax was revived today by Black Lives Matter, showing once again that BLM has nothing to do with justice, or blacks for that matter:

BLM goes insane if a cop shoots a black criminal in self-defense, but when millions of blacks are oppressed and impoverished, and many are imprisoned, tortured, and killed by a communist dictatorship, BLM is worse than silent: it openly sides with of the oppressors. What a disgusting organization.

Many may not remember that BLM’s support for the Castro regime is long-standing. In 2016, when the Tyrant died, we noticed the BLM’s praise for the dictator. Why? Because it housed criminals who murdered policemen:

[W]We are particularly grateful to Fidel for supporting Mama Assata Shakur, who continues to inspire us. We are grateful that it provided a home for Brother Michael Finney Ralph Goodwin and Charles Hill, a haven for Brother Huey P. Newton, and a sanctuary for so many other black revolutionaries who were being persecuted by the American government during the era of black power.

I repeat: what a disgusting organization.

Anti-communist protesters in Cuba wave American flags, perhaps unaware that Joe Biden is now our president. But other political leaders do support them, with Marco Rubio at the forefront. It’s on BLM:

It’s good to see a political leader criticizing Black Lives Matter for what it really is. But back to Cuba: Rubio points out that the idea that the United States has somehow caused the failure of communism in Cuba – our responsibilities never end? – is a left-wing myth:

It has been a long time coming, but it seems that Cuba could finally free itself from the heel of the boot of socialism. You know the end may be near when Joe Biden throws in the towel, like he did hours ago:

Providing Cubans with internet access so they can communicate and organize is seemingly feasible, and it’s something Marco Rubio has been pushing for. And for the moment, at least, not even the Biden administration is willing to defend socialism, no doubt to the dismay of many, or most, Democratic Representatives and Senators. That should make us all happy.

UPDATE: One more thing: we will give Michael Ramirez the last word. Click to enlarge:

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