• July 16, 2021

Two men were charged with plotting to bomb a Democratic Party building to avenge Trump: Mother Jones

Two men were charged with conspiring to bomb this Democratic Party building in California.Rich Pedroncelli / AP

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This winter, two men who mistakenly believed that Donald Trump won the 2020 presidential election allegedly concocted an elaborate plan to bomb the California Democratic Party headquarters in Sacramento, and even armed the bombs with which they hoped to do so.

Federal prosecutors revealed the alleged plot of Ian Benjamin Rogers, 45, and Jarrod Copeland, 37, in an accusation revealed this week.

Rogers was taken into custody earlier this month after state officials and the FBI searched his home and found 49 firearms, including several that appeared to be automatic weapons, about 15,000 rounds of ammunition, five assembled tube bombs, materials that were they can use to make more. explosives and two device construction manuals. The FBI also found the insignia of the Three Percentages, an anti-government militia group, and a remodeled gag credit card on a “white privilege card” with the inscription “White privilege trumps all” and a number made up entirely. for “0045”. probably referring to Donald Trump, the 45th president.


The indictment in the case outlined how Rogers and Copeland began planning their attack by encrypted text messaging apps just weeks after the November 2020 election. “Ok bro, we have to punch the enemy in the mouth,” Rogers wrote to Copeland. “I think right now we are attacking the Democrats. They are offices, etc. Molotov cocktails and gasoline. “Copeland responded that they would need more people. Over the next few days, they settled in one place – the state headquarters of the Democratic Party in Sacramento – and exchanged increasingly violent ideas about how to carry out their attack.

“I think I’ll say goodbye and unload a couple of drums in that community building,” Rogers wrote. Copeland responded with a simple, “Lol.” They then chose to “bomb the place.” Rogers added: “The guns are too loud.”

As the certification of the January 6 election results approached, Rogers and Copeland made plans to attack whether the election results were, in fact, certified. Copeland approached the Proud Boys, a neo-fascist group of men, to request their help. When Congress certified the election results after a day marked by a deadly insurrection on Capitol Hill, the couple decided to wait until inauguration day on January 20. “After the 20th we go to war,” wrote Rogers. “It’s sad that it came to this, but I’m not going to go down without a fight.”

Officials from Rogers’ hometown of Napa arrested him five days before the date of the planned attack.

Rogers’ attorney told the Washington Post that Rogers’ comments were hyperbole, and there was never a plan to put them into action: they were “pro-Trump histrionics who follow the lines of, I suppose, tens of millions of other people who supported Mr. Trump.”

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