• July 16, 2021

Vaccines dropped 68%, Polis lottery was a complete flop

Governor Polis’ brilliant idea to give away $ 5 million in taxpayer dollars through lottery drawings as an incentive for Coloradans to inject COVID-19 actually resulted in a 68% reduction in vaccinations.

Polis’s plan was a failure, even the Denver Post is reporting it.

About 155,000 people received a vaccine during the week ending May 23, the last week before Polis announced on May 25 that the state will attract five winners of $ 1 million, according to the Department of Public Health and Environment of Colorado.

In the week ending July 4, the last with data on the state’s vaccine dashboard, only about 49,000 people received an injection.

That’s roughly a 68% decrease, suggesting that the lottery did not dramatically improve the existing track record.

The governor’s office responded lamely that vaccines would have dropped even further had they not spent the $ 5 million.

So it was just a total failure, and not a total and utter failure, justified Conor Cahill, a Polis spokesman.

Republicans in the Colorado Senate did some quick Democratic calculations and estimated that the money could have been used to lift 1,388 children out of poverty for an entire year with U.S. Senator Michael Bennet’s welfare reset, also known as the tax credit. for children.

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