• July 17, 2021

From Carl’s Jr. to a gay club, Oregon workers suffered from the heat this week in the war against workers.

Workers suffered during recent heat waves across the country, especially hitting the Pacific Northwest. We have discussed the need for heat protection for agricultural workers, but they are not alone.

HuffPost’s Dave Jamieson watches the heat complaints to Oregon OSHA, finding that restaurant workers were particularly affected. According to a complaint from Carl’s Jr., “The restaurant management is forcing employees to work without air conditioning in dangerous heat. The temperature in the building is at least 100 * F. Employees are covered in sweat and show signs of heat exhaustion. “At a Burger King,” Over 110 degrees in the kitchen for the past few days. The air system The conditioner is broken and the employer will not fix it. This is when it has been 101+ outside. However, the employees are forced to work, regardless of the danger of the heat. “

Nor was it just farm workers and restaurant workers. The complaints Jamieson reviewed included a car wash, a cannabis dispensary, a scrutiny agency that sends people to raise funds for nonprofits and dancers at a gay club. Clearly, with climate change making extreme heat a more frequent occurrence, workplace safety regulations and their enforcement will need to be brought up to speed.

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