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  • July 17, 2021

Nightdive teases PowerSlave / Exhumed as its next classic FPS remaster

Nightdive Studios is proving to be the specialist in remastering classic PC games, thanks to excellent likes of Doom 64, Turok 1 and 2, and System Shock: Remastered, the studio’s first full remake. Now the developer is teasing the classic ’90s FPS PowerSlave as the next game to get the remastering treatment.

PowerSlave, also known as Exhumed (its much better European name) or Seireki 1999: Pharaoh no Fukkatsu, was a Build Engine FPS released for PC, PlayStation 1, and SEGA Saturn between 1996-1997. It was pretty hard to find until I was shocked relaunch at GOG last year, but only the lower version of MS-DOS with terrible controls and weird layout.

Now Nightdive Studios CEO Stephen Kick tweeted a joke suggesting that PowerSlave / Exhumed would be the next game to receive their studio’s remastering treatment – a close-up that is clearly one of PowerSlave’s Egyptian-themed symbols. Given that Nightdive is particularly known for first-person games and his own Blood: Remastered also uses the Build Engine, a PowerSlave / Exhumed remaster would fit in well in his catalog.

Of course, the big question is whether the remastering will follow the PC version or the console version, where the game gave up straight levels in favor of a more Metroidvania-like design. An unofficial remake called PowerSlave EX can be found online if you search hard enough, which was made by Samuel Villarreal – who works for Nightdive. A possible official remaster was mentioned. way back in 2015But nothing has been heard from the project since.

If real, the remaster could be properly announced in 3D Realms retro FPS Realms Deep show next month. Of course, the other question is whether Nightdive will continue to call it the really disgusting PowerSlave title or if they are sensible and will call it Exhumed: Remastered instead.

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