• July 18, 2021

Pastor who was tried for making offensive comments about Islam dies at 84

James McConnell’s trial for calling Islam “pagan” and “satanic” is one of the lowest points in modern British history. How many imams have called Judaism, Christianity, or Hinduism “pagan” or “satanic” without suffering any consequences? If McConnell had been an atheist who called Christianity “pagan” and “satanic” or “stupid” and “evil” or something like that, would he have been questioned by the police and tried? Of course not. He would have been hailed as “brave” and “insightful”.

“‘TOUCHED LIVES,’ Controversial Ulster Pastor James McConnell, Who Called Islam ‘Satanic,’ Dies at 84”, by Rebecca Black, Press Association, July 17, 2021:

One of Northern Ireland’s best-known church leaders died of illness.

84-year-old Pastor James McConnell founded the Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle in North Belfast and led several major outdoor gospel events….

Pastor David Purse announced on the church’s Facebook page Saturday morning that it was with “deep sadness and unspeakable pain” that Mr. McConnell had died after seven weeks in the hospital….

McConnell made headlines in 2014 after calling Islam “pagan” and “satanic” during a church sermon.

He was questioned by the police and later found not guilty of making wildly offensive remarks against Islam, after a trial at the Belfast Magistrates Court that attracted worldwide attention.

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