• July 18, 2021

People who have been vaccinated represent 47% of new COVID cases

Data from a recent publication study outside the UK, which uses data compiled from its Orwellian symptom tracker app, shows that vaccinated people account for almost half of the new COVID cases in the country.

The experimental jab has been getting worse results over time. Just a few months ago, only 25% of people who had received the vaccine got the wu flu afterward, and that number has now risen to 47% according to the study.

Not surprisingly, COVID cases are increasing faster among young people who are least likely to get vaccinated due to their recovery rate of more than 99.5%. Health officials who are in charge of the vaccine tracking application blame the increase among those vaccinated for the virus that “is running out” of people who have not received needle sticks to infect.

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Similar to the reasoning behind the ridiculous curfews imposed during shutdowns, the virus has a mind of its own and targets you based on political reasons or motives.

The lackluster results of the vaccine, combined with a pool of people willing to take the hastily prepared injection, sparked a “third wave” that is causing further blockades and authoritarian measures by globalists across Europe.

A recent example of such measures is the Pravda-style vaccine passports that were recently ordered in France. People are required to have received the vaccine and have their documentation only to enter restaurants or public areas.

Early Saturday, protests broke out across the country and thousands filled the streets to oppose the requirements.

Protests erupt in France as Macron orders Covid vaccine passports (VIDEO)

People all over the world are FED-UP with this ‘SCAMDEMIC’ that was unleashed in the world by communist China. It has given governments unprecedented power and they are using it to their full advantage.

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