• July 18, 2021

Why do some distrust vaccines?

Rejecting a covid vaccine is currently considered by many to be antisocial and a threat to the community. I don’t understand this as anyone who chooses to get vaccinated can protect themselves. What does it matter to him if someone else prefers to take any risk posed by covid? But that’s not the prevailing attitude, and the Biden administration is trying to remove all expressions of doubt about vaccination on social media.

As noted here, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were themselves the most prominent of the anti-vaccines, and if some people took their skepticism too seriously, only they themselves are to blame. But there is more: Drew holden He did an excellent job, in November 2020, in reminding us that anti-vaccine sentiment was pervasive on the left until the 2020 election:

Did President Trump’s relentless attacks on vaccines sped up by Democrats lead to the deaths of some people? I guess they probably did. But I am not aware of a single Democrat who has expressed remorse for dissuading people from taking advantage of vaccines, or who has acknowledged his party’s 180 degree turnaround as soon as the election ended. I think the opinion of the Democrats is that no one should have taken their stance against vaccines seriously. We should have known it was all just politics, and once the hated Donald Trump was out of his way, we should have all lined up for our shots.

This is certainly how I saw it, and I was among the first to get vaccinated. Sadly, there are apparently some people who still take Democrats seriously.

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