• July 19, 2021

Denver wants to increase fines by 400% at restaurants, tattoo parlors, swimming pools and dogs

The City of Denver wants to crack down on restaurants and small businesses by increasing fines for public health violations by 400% for food safety, strap laws, excessive noise, odors, pool rules, and of course COVID crimes. -19.

Instead of maximum fines of $ 1,000, the city could issue fines of $ 5,000 for these violations:

Public Health Director Bob McDonald told the Denver City Council that businesses view the fines as simply the “Cost of doing business”, and they need to be uploaded to enforce compliance and reduce legal challenges.

Yet city data shows that roughly a third of last year’s 949 citations ended up in court, Axios denver reports.

“A single $ 5,000 fine, for one mistake, could easily close a restaurant,” Sonia Riggs, executive director of the Colorado Restaurant Association, tells Axios. “Many restaurants have new staff and accidents are sure to occur.”

She suggested that the city health department adopt a “partnership approach” instead and work with the industry to train new staff to encourage compliance.

Do Denver bureaucrats and city council really believe that all of these affected businesses will be better off delivering $ 5,000 than $ 1,000 of hard-earned money?

This is nothing more than a reorganization of restaurants, businesses, and individuals already struggling to recover from Colorado’s mandatory closures.

Colorado is rapidly losing business-friendly status.

Blackmailing five of the big family stores or because Fido is violating a leash law is simply greedy.

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