• July 20, 2021

In author Kelly Hyman’s new book, “Building Back Better,” she describes the first 100 days of the Biden administration’s vision for America. The book clearly shows that with Biden’s leadership, the country once again has a government based on morality, unity, competition, progress and the rule of law. While it’s hard not to blame and belittle Donald Trump for what he and his policies have done to diminish America’s soul, Hyman suggests that less attention should be paid to “demonizing and deifying” our leaders and instead suggests focusing in the quality of its Policies.

President Biden is restoring the soul of America

The author Hyman begins her book by quoting these words expressed by President Ronald Reagan in 1980: “Are you better now than you were four years ago?” She explains that politicians have since used this question to attack their opponents for their policies. However, it suggests a different way of exploring Reagan’s question; Instead of asking “who can I blame for my problems” ask “what is being done to make things better”.

There is no question that the United States is worse off than it was before Donald Trump took office. There is also no doubt that Trump’s mishandling of the COVID-19 pandemic, his cruelty at our borders towards immigrants and asylum seekers, and the huge shortfall from the tax cuts he gave to the rich have created extreme challenges for President Biden. In addition, the “big lie” about the theft of the elections promoted by Republican members of Congress, plus the tolerance shown by social media platforms towards disinformation make it difficult to implement Biden’s agenda.


President Biden’s quest for a better life for all Americans reflects his maturity, empathy, knowledge of the Constitution, and true faith in the American people. These are policy areas that illustrate the progress made during the first 100 days;

Public health and pandemic they have been a priority for President Biden before and after his election. His plan to defeat COVID has been based on science, not politics. His 100-day plan supports a strong, federally-backed effort to bring money to the states to save lives, not put lives at risk as the previous administration did by downplaying the virus to manipulate the stock market. His CARE ACT created funds for the successful distribution of vaccines, educating the public about their safety, funds for testing and PPOs, and financial assistance through stimulus checks and unemployment benefits. Competence, morality, and progress are reflected throughout Biden’s first 100 days of fight against the pandemic. The American economy has reopened with renewed hope, proportionate caution based on facts and science, and restored the trust earned by transparent administration. About 67% of Americans have received at least one vaccine and 56% are fully vaccinated. Biden is fighting the MAGA and Facebook anti-vaccines by debunking the misinformation and conspiracy theories they promote and discourage people from getting vaccinated.

President Biden is also working to defend and strengthen the Affordable Care Act, which provides health insurance to millions of Americans, including Trump supporters from struggling states.

Uniting the country was and continues to be a priority of the Biden presidency. He is conscientiously seeking bipartisan support for his bills on the protection of the right to vote, racial equality, climate change, gun violence, and infrastructure. To the frustration of the more liberal wing of the Democratic Party, President Biden believes that creating unity through bipartisanship in Congress is the way to unite a divided American population. While he has signaled that Democrats will act alone on legislation for the good of the country, he is showing the country how a unifying leader tries to work across the aisle. Trump was the model of a divisive leader who accomplished less for the average American in four years than Biden in his first 100 days.

Rebuilding infrastructure to recover from Trump’s devastated economy

On March 31, President Biden announced his $ 2 trillion plan to restore America’s crumbling infrastructure with the goal of helping create jobs and jumpstart the economy. The program addresses deficiencies in transportation, clean water, health care, housing, energy, roads, bridges, and the electrical grid. Biden made passing a bipartisan infrastructure bill a top priority. The Rebuild better Infrastructure bill promises to create more high-paying jobs by improving conditions that support business expansion across the country. In the first 100 days of his presidency, Biden explained how his plan would pay the bill by rolling back Trump’s tax cuts for the rich, who never created more jobs as promised. He has also proposed an increase in individual income taxes of more than $ 400,000. His approach to infrastructure reflects his compassion for hard-working Americans on both sides who want to get ahead in life with good jobs, good health care, and the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

Rebuild better he has accomplished a lot in his first 100 days. Comprehensive and transparent plans and goals have been developed in all important areas relevant to the everyday lives of Americans. President Biden has demonstrated a clear, consistent, and positive vision for America. In author Kelly Hyman’s summary of her first 100 days in office, she tells us to keep asking the questions about politics, “helped”, “who helped” and “who can help in the future.” Thank goodness at Joe Biden, we have a president who cares about others, not just himself.

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