• July 21, 2021

Media Jump to the Forefront Reporting Reversal of Radical Commuter Plan for Front Range

The backlash against the Polis administration has been brutal since we reported on their plans to radically restrict the way workers can commute by eliminating free parking and demands that employers dictate who drives and who uses transportation. public.

Now 9 News reports the state is reviewing its plans to move forward with a voluntary plan.

Last time we checked, volunteering is still the way we live our lives every day in America without government permission, thank you very much.

So what is the state Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) really doing?

TO CDPHE letter to stakeholders he said his goal is to require large employers to conduct surveys on employee driving habits.

“This new proposal is based on the recognition that lasting and meaningful success will require strong participation from employees and employees who are subject to the program, and a pilot phase will facilitate our understanding of implementation and success in the real world. “, the CDPHE memo said.

So even though 9News reports that everything is clear, the program has been switched to voluntary, so there is no need to worry, that is not what the state says in its letter at all.

They are not backtracking at all with their authoritarian plan.

The state plans to make it easier for us when we’re not looking for it by phasing it in with a voluntary pilot program first, in which they will collect evidence to support their transportation code that they still plan to enact once the public returns to complacency.

Here is the letter.

Businesses in high-ozone areas with more than 100 workers will have to limit the number of employees who can drive to work alone by 25%, and the state requires they eliminate free parking for the rest.

Employees can work from home, take public transportation, or the company can provide transportation.

By 2024, only 60% of workers will be able to drive to work. Unless they can afford an electric car, they are exempt.

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