• July 23, 2021

Are Biden’s manipulators making room for right-wing ‘terrorists’ at Guantanamo?

My last in PJ Media:

The media agrees that the release of Taliban jihadist Abdul Latif Nasser by Biden from Guantanamo, where he had been detained for nineteen years, was the first step in addressing more unfinished business from the Obama administration and ultimately closing the notorious prison camp. But is that really the plan? Or could Guantanamo be filled with a new group of terrorists?

The signs are not difficult to find. CNN reported on Wednesday that “the Justice Department has repeatedly documented the rise of what might be called small right-wing extremist groups.” One of the examples offered in the report is that of Robert Morss, a Pennsylvania resident who was arrested in connection with the Reichstag fire on January 6. According to CNN, when Morss was arrested, police “found in his car a notebook with a page titled ‘Step by Step to Create a Local Militia.’ Below, Morss allegedly scribbled bulleted reminders, embodying the idea of ​​forming a violent cell: ‘bring an assault rifle’ and ‘prepare your equipment’, and notes on ‘formation’ ”.

Then there were Ian Rogers and Jarrod Copeland, who were “so devoted to former President Donald Trump and so angry about the outcome of the 2020 election, that they allegedly planned to blow up the Democratic headquarters building in Sacramento. One commented via an encrypted message thread, where the two discussed planning, that he realized they would be perceived as domestic terrorists, and the second man had previously joined a group of anti-government militias. “

Whether these three men actually did something criminal, or planned to do so, is a matter for the courts to decide. But disturbingly, one prosecutor wrote about the Rogers / Copeland case that “all the political and social conditions that motivated them to plan what they themselves described as a terrorist attack remain.”

What are those conditions? Raw history gave a hint for the answer to that in a ridiculously hysterical piece on Monday that started:

A very particular, cultured and dangerous type of domestic terrorism has been perfected, and we should call it what it is: Trumpist terrorism.

Rarely, if ever, have we experienced internal terrorism organized not just in the service of an ideology, white supremacy, but in the name of one person, a cult figure for whom people will kill and die, dedicated to their cause. and receiving perceived orders from him.

But that is what is happening now.

There is more. Read the rest here.

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