• July 23, 2021

Path Of Exile: Expedition Releases Explosive New Challenges

Hack and slash RPG Path Of Exile has just released another of its expansions, bringing many game updates, tweaks, and a new league of challenges. Path Of Exile: Expedition is explosive, challenging you to detonate expedition sites and kill all the nasty that come out of them. The scheduled maintenance for POE launch day has ended, so now you can jump in the queue to try what’s new.

“In the Expedition Challenge League, you will meet a group of Kalguuran merchants and help them recover the runic artifacts of their ancestors,” explains Grinding Gear Games. “At the marked Expedition sites, you must strategically place a series of explosives and detonate them. These explosions unearth a horde of undead Kalguur who must be eliminated to gather equipment and the artifacts buried between them.

You can catch all the explosions here in the Expedition reveal trailer:

After bringing the goods home, you can deliver the artifacts to Kalguuran merchants by haggling and bartering. You can also create log books that lead to other expedition sites that you can exchange with other players.

In addition to the new challenge league, Expedition brings quite a few new skill gems, 19 of them, says GGG. You can get the details of all of them here in the Expedition Patch Notes. There are also a handful of changes to the first act of POE, including making monsters more dangerous and adding new types of Cell Crawler and Ghoul enemies.

If you missed it, Grinding Gear Games also recently uncovered an old April Fool joke. Path Of Exile: Royale mode is back as a weekend mode. Not this weekend, sure, but every weekend after this during the Expedition expansion run, they have said. They plan to keep tweaking and improving it throughout the season.

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